AT&T just announced that new red and white version of the BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone will be available exclusively through their stores starting November. That’s just in time for holiday shopping season, so if you feel your wallet being targeted as your desire for these phones grows, that’s an accurate feeling.

Also starting November 7 you’ll be able to purchase any two phone accessories from AT&T, and get a third one of equal or lesser value for free. No pricing announcements have been made, so unless holiday discounts are made on the red and white BlackBerry versions, the cost will be around $199 with a two year plan.

People seem to be more excited about the white version, which is all white, whereas the red has a lot of black in the design. Snarky comments have also been made, and this one’s too funny to be missed:

“Maybe Apple will pick one up and reverse engineer it so they can figure out how to put out a phone in white without all the drama. While they’re at it with the Torch cracked open, they might even discover what a working antenna looks like.”