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Moshi has just announced their newest iteration of their Voice Activated Alarm Clock, which now offers a more streamlined bedside digital clock radio.  With all the features of the original including setting time and asking for the time, it now includes a radio that can be activated just by speaking to the device. The only thing missing is a WiFi connection for weather updates and Internet radio. Based on looks alone this version should appeal to a larger audience. Check out my review of the original Moshi Voice Controlled Clock.

It’s on sale now for $70.

Woodland Hills, CA – May 19, 2010 – Moshi, known for their unique and innovative consumer electronics featuring voice recognition technology, is thrilled to announce the availability of their new Voice Control Digital Clock Radio.  By simply saying “Hello Moshi”, the Digital Clock Radio allows users to activate eleven voice control commands including playing the radio, setting the time, setting alarm, and even snooze.

Similar to the original Moshi Alarm Clock, the Moshi Digital Clock Radio is easy to use and set up.  It is equipped with Technology That Listens™ which means the alarm clock recognizes your voice command without any setup required.  However, the new Moshi Digital Clock Radio allows users to also easily listen to the radio in the morning without having to find buttons while half asleep or away from the clock.

“The Moshi Voice Control Digital Clock Radio provides comfort and convenience to its users,” said Michael Nostrant, President and CEO of Moshi parent company SnS International.  “There is no easier way to wake up or play music other than by saying “Hello Moshi” and having the device submit to your command.”

The Moshi Digital Clock Radio is available now for $69.99 MSRP


Jeff B