Those having trouble achieving that true HDTV flush wall mount action they’re looking for “might” want to check out the TruLink Wireless HDMI Kit.  The kit transmits at 60GHz and is effective up to 30 feet away for your HDMI cable, Blu-ray player, PS3, or Xbox 360.

The downside is that while the kit is plug and play ready, line of sight needs to be had in order for a clear signal to happen.  That may be a big downer for some considering all you really want to see on your wall is your fresh HDTV and not some box with wires protruding out from it.  It may not be that bad for TV’s on an extended swivel mount but still.

Add in the fact that this kit is $500, and I will wish you luck. 

[via OhGizmo!]



Jeff B