Zagg Spark - 1

Battery charging is all I can really remember about CES 2010.  Everywhere I turned I saw some new fangled “awesome” way to charge your cell phone or USB gadget.  Probably the best of what I saw first hand was the Zagg Sparq.  Encompassing two USB inputs and about the size of a MacBook charger, you can essentially charge your iPhone up to 4 times thanks to its internal 6000mAh built in battery.

Zagg Spark - 2

Boasting orange LED’s to let you how much charge is left, the Zagg Sparq is available now on Zagg’s website for an introductory price of $99.  I have yet to see just how many charges I get out of this thing, but my only gripe so far is that it’s a bit heavy.

Zagg Spark - 3Zagg Spark - 4

Jeff B