Samson GoMic Review

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3 Comments to Samson GoMic Review

  1. REALLY good audio quality and no strange noises lurking in the background. Versatile and easy to use. The best money I’ve spent on a mic EVER. Looks like an old RCA ribbon mic too :-) 9/10!!!

  2. Frank Kersauson

    Hi, I just got one for my MacBookPro; very nice and very efficient. I use it with Skype. Quite cheap.

  3. I saw the samson go mic advertised in a magazine ( I think it was Stuff) and was very interested, I have also seen it on Amazon and it looks like a good price, this review has given me even more interest, and I definitely think I will get one now,I have been looking for something to use to record acoustic guitar and mandolin,onto my computer, I haven’t used garageband yet as it takes up too much room on my old mac, but will look at updating my mac at some point as it looks pretty useful for recording, thanks!

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