With hundreds of iPod docks to choose from this new one from Revo looks mildly innovative.  Brandishing a 3.5″ color touch screen with icon controls, the aptly titled IKON also docks an iPod or iPhone.  I honestly have never heard of this company before but I like the design as it kind of reminds me of a sleeker EOS Wireless System.  According to the European designer, the IKON is capable of receiving the full array of digital radio standards including: Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), DAB+, Internet radio, and conventional FM radio.  If radio connectivity isn’t enough to satisfy your audio needs, they’ve also tossed in a WiFi connection that will provide you access to Last.FM (30 day trial included), Pandora and DLNA supported devices.  The IKON is set to go on sale this October for about $460.




Jeff B