Holy expensive headphones!  Before I provide you with a dose of sticker shell shock, check out what Ultrasone’s Edition 8 headphones have claim to offer.  The earcups are crafted of leather, but not just any leather.  Nope, they’re made of Ethiopian sheepskin, which the company claims “provides the most isolation of any leather,” something I have a hard time believing.  The delusions of grandeur don’t stop there.  The outer part of the earcups are made of Ruthenium and finished in MU-Metal shielding, that some how block radiation.  What, the radiation from the power plant your situated next to while listening to your favorite Zepplin album?

So how much?  $1,499

Full release below

Ultrasone’s Edition 8 Achieves The Pinnacle Of Headphone Sophistication

Innovative German audio engineering coupled with striking aesthetics result in the world’s finest special edition headphones

Wildomar, Calif. – (February 12, 2009) – Ultrasone Inc., distributor for German headphone manufacturer Ultrasone AG, announces the debut of a new special edition headphone – Edition 8. Never before has such attention to detail been given to every aspect of a headphone design; every material and component used in the Edition 8 is second to none.

The Edition 8 is a stunningly elegant, black and silver closed-back headphone that employs Ultrasone’s latest S-Logic™ Plus technology that results in an impartial acoustic feeling that allows the listener even more of a spacious tonal perception. Designed with the audio connoisseur in mind, the interior ear cups are covered in fine Ethiopian sheepskin, which provides the most isolation of any leather, while the outer ear cups are covered in Ruthenium, known for its brilliant metallic sheen and durable properties. These special edition headphones contain MU-Metal shielding (ULE technology) that reduce the amount of radiation directed to the listener by up to 98%, as compared to conventional headphones. Each Edition 8 headphone is individually stamped with its own serial number & comes in a leather bag for storage and transportation.

Edition 8 Technical Specifications

* Principle: Dynamic / Closed
* Impedance: 30 Ohm
* Driver size: 40mm Titanium plated
* Magnet: NdFeB
* Frequency range: 6 – 42.000 Hz
* SPL: 96 dB
* Weight (excl. cord): 260g
* USC Cord length: 1,2m (OFC Cable)
* USC Extension cable 4m (OFC Cable)
* 3,5mm gold plated plugs
* Adapter 3,5/6,3mm gold plated
* ULE technology

“This is the first pair of Edition headphones we have released that incorporates our newest S-Logic™ Plus technology,” said Paul Taylor, President of Ultrasone Inc. “The Edition 8′s drivers provide immaculate detail but are also capable of delivering thunderous bass, the range of these headphones is staggering. I truly believe our engineers have created one of most sonically accurate and visually appealing headphones to date.”

The Edition 8 headphones have a MSRP of $1,499 and are available at www.ultrasone.com and other high-end audio dealers.

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