No, you are not imagining things. When the Sony Mylo was first released in January of this year, it was a lot more expensive than it is now. At that time, the hefty price tag read $300 smackeroos, but all that has changed now.

Are the people at Sony becoming more generous to an adoring public who loves their products? Probably not, that is, unless Tinkerbelle really does live somewhere out there. But Sony has announced that it will take $100 dollars off the original asking price, dropping the final cost to $200 dollars.

There have been some improvements to the original in that this model has a mega-pixel camera, backlit keyboard and some customization in the form of a removable faceplate. The hope is that this model will appeal to young adults who can have good wireless entertainment without paying an expensive wireless subscription fee. The Sony Mylo2 can be bought at PMP Today.

If Sony is desperate enough to sell more phones by cutting $100 from the original value, their profit margin must have been significant up to now. Perhaps Sony just needs to know if price was the reason the first model didn’t sell too well.

Time (and money) will tell.