Does this dock really transform iPod movies into HD video? Its price tag of $399 seems high enough for it to deliver as promised, but the question is, will it?

By plugging your iPod into this DLO Home Dock HD Pro, your video is instantly upscaled to 720p/1080i quality. The HDMI and optical digital audio ports on the machine’s back render a digital connection between the music player and home theater AV system. This custom Home Theater even has an RS-232 control port for those high-end home theater buffs.

This dock may deliver it promise of making HD video out of your iPod movies, but then again, it may not. It seems likely, however, if the user has some good quality video that’s not too compressed, this DLO Home Dock HD PRO will do an effective job. Installers of the DLO Home Dock PRO can easily, via a simple graphical interface, add the functionality of the popular iPod into any home integration network.  Available exclusively through the Professional Home Installation Market, whatever the Home Dock HD PRO turns out to be, it does represent a seamless integration of their iPod into their custom home entertainment system and the Home Dock PRO is the world’s first iPod dock that lets customers view and select their iPod content directly on their big-screen TV.