Gadget Giveaway: Win A Vuzix iWear AV920 Head Set

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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

170 Comments to Gadget Giveaway: Win A Vuzix iWear AV920 Head Set

  1. I’m curious as to how the battery recharges. does it have it’s own plug-in or is it powered off of a simple battery type?

  2. Definitely Not Tom

    Hey, I’m glad I’m not too late. I hope I wake up with a pleasant surprise in my inbox soon….

    Anywhoo.. I don’t see cables or anything on those visors. Anyone know how exactly they connect to the display? I’m not sure how I feel about wireless…

  3. The Real Tom

    Well, I don’t know about the last Tom, but any chance to win something for free is worth looking in to. Plus, this is pretty cool as far as giving things away is concerned.
    Especially considering the current economy.
    Good luck choosing the winner. Hope it’s me.
    By the way, Tom. you’re right about SU, but hey that’s what brings us all together as a community.

  4. I have been wanting to buy these for soo long, but i cant afford them, i got a 5 week old baby, and i wanna be able to play a game or watch a movie, while my girlfriend is at home, cuz she hates whatever i watch / play.

    Please man, help a young father out

  5. Of course, everyone is posting here at the prospect of free stuff. Stumble upon has assured that there will be many, many dissapointments, except, perhaps, those with a pessimistic (logical) attitude that do not expect to win anyway. However, the sheer amount of dissapointment in the shadow of the one who DOES win will make the achievement all the more savory. Much fun, indeed.

  6. wow, to think of having these things. tried them out at the Brookstone while at the mall. they are great. Been saving up for these, too expensive though, would be great to get a free pair.

  7. This isCoolWear will be an awesome addition to a DLNA network. Get rid of the dinosaur entertainment systems, limit your living space and enjoy the privacy of gaming and theater. Yeahhh

  8. I would love to have one of these. This would be outstanding to have on an airplane to watch movies on from my iPod or portable DVD player.

    Talk about something that would make business travel more enjoyable!

  9. Those look so epic, it’s incredible. In the rare event that I don’t happen to win, what would the cost of such an apparatus be?

  10. This is an incredible device, and i would use this all the time. There are always times this would be much more efficient for me.

  11. I am a geek, and that thing looks sweet. I wish it was like sitting 4 feet from a 62″ tv, but i suppose it just has SD tv type resolution so you wouldn’t want to be very close unless it’s HD. I would definitly put that to good use. Thanks for the contest and thanks for bringing my attention to such a cool gadget.

  12. I am a single father is teeting to mafind a birthday present for my son but I have no money. Please help Me out and pick Me who is
    am a single father who is trying to make endamest with 3

  13. I stumbled across this website and I have no clue what all this gaget does but it looks cool enough that any self respecting red blooded boy would love to have it!
    Take Care

  14. Andrew Fawbush

    Something like this would be perfect as other people have said for when the wife is asleep and I don’t want to wake her, or for watching my music vids at work while I’m on break. It’s a great concept overall if they could just get the price down, although a high price tag is to be expected with any new tech. I like the feature in the AV920-C that allows you to daisy chain up to four units together for multi-player gaming.

  15. amazing!!! what will they come up with next?!?!?! maybe i couls see whats next on a pair of iwears ehhh…..

  16. I’ve always thought these things were cool.

    How would they fit 62′ of virtual resolution into those tiny things though? It seems like it wouldn’t be that high-def.

    Jesus Christ, 3D-capable? Can you imagine gaming with that? Oh my.

  17. I could see this being dangerous for the people who try and watch while walking, like texting. But I can’t deny it would be sweet to own one.

  18. David Evander

    Sounds sweet! I’ve been looking into these for a while, but they were always kind of too expensive for a college kid like me.

  19. Denis Doiron

    I love this idea of a low power screen. Since you designed it, maybe you can design one that would work well with a laptop. We would need to see the keyboard and any documents below the screen viewing area. I guess the trick would be to not have them be totally black and opaque all around. Maybe they already exist.

  20. wow this is the first i’ve ever seen of something like this! these would be incredible for a late night pc-gamer and film buff like myself…
    I’d love to win these as well!

  21. This looks really interesting, I’ve seen this around before.
    I don’t quite get how it projects the image, do you need a wall? And if so does that wall need to be blank?

  22. Nick Aaland

    Holy cow, that’s honestly something I haven’t seen before. And after a quick google, I realize that I haven’t been getting around the tech articles of the internet enough. :<

    Do want!

  23. I’d really love to win these to relax while I get over the illnesses I’ve been recovering from lately.

  24. My son said her heard about these at school. I would like to know where I could get an honest evaluation of them. Of course if I win them I could give an evaluation.

  25. Kristen Moran

    Yea I was putting off buying one of these for sometime but eventually bought the 320×240 ones about a year and a half ago. They work pretty good but I know I would enjoy a higher resolution like the AV920. I could always give my AV320 to some one and that would be nice. Sort of a double giveaway like passing it forward. (great movie) Merry Christmas everyone!

  26. My husband bought one of those in 1995 for 1000 bucks. It was much more bulky with a cord attached, but still very cool. I would like one please.

  27. Regarding the comment above asking about sound.. It looks like it has headphones built in. They seem a bit cheap to me though, just from looking at ’em. I wonder if there’s a 1/8″ jack as well so I could opt to use my higher quality earbuds…

  28. Michael C-C

    Very awesome! I remember using one of these (or something similar) when I was a child at the Dentist. Once again… Veeerrry awesome.

  29. Great looking gadget. I would love to have one of these. I have never had the opportunity to see one in action, but sure would like to.

  30. Stumbled upon this site just now and that thing looks SWEET! I would love to win one of these as there’s no way I could ever afford something like that. Us college students don’t have that kind of spending money, in fact I have absolutely none. :P You’ve got my correct email addy so definitely let me know if my bad luck streak is finally over!
    Thanks, Locke
    ps nice blog keep it up

  31. Oooh, I love techie things like this. I don’t know anyone that has one of these though… and going off of the online reviews aren’t all that reliable sometimes. :(

  32. If I win these, maybe my wife will quit b!tching because I’m constantly trying to hook up everything to our big screen. ;-)

  33. Scott Stesney

    These would make a great addition to any travlers bag. How could anyone say that they wouldnt want these. I know I do.

  34. I remember first seeing these style glasses several years ago. Looks like the technology is advancing steadily. Awesome gadget!

  35. Oh My Comment!

    These are cool. I will hook up a video camera to an RC car then drive it around first person, how bout that ;)

  36. This is one of those things that out kids/grandkids will not be able to believe we lived without. (Fingers crossed!)

  37. This would be cool to have, but I’d be worried about the virtual boy affect, that is to say, eye murder.

  38. These look pretty slick. Has anyone test driven them? I wonder if it strains your eyes at all having the screen that physically close. What about the sound quality on those little speakers? It might not be ideal for HD, surround sound movies but it would be worth a shot; even so, it would be pretty awesome to play games on them.

  39. imo its a win win situation… you get to watch your fav. movie at the train in a big format, AND you get to look like a cyber punk:)

  40. Excellent gadget when I want to play games and the wife is listening to her soap …. I need one of these !

  41. Oh, wow. That’s a lot of people. I suppose I still have a chance though. Here’s hoping. I could really use these too. My TV recently went kaput.

  42. Ryan Furnas

    I remember reading about a similar headset(but from a different maker) that was a bit bigger, and needed a 110v power source. This headset + Dead Space on 360 = Me cleaning my boxers frequently. Good luck to all!

  43. WOW! I’ve seen these before on the internet, and they are super expensive!! I think its awesome that your willing to give a pair away. Man, it would even be worth doing a video review or something after I got them (assuming I could win, which probably won’t happen, but you never know). There are so many applications for this device from watching movies on the bus to connecting to a video conference without having to have your laptop open! With a little bit of hacking, you could make it into a great Night Vision system for Airsoft/Paintball, or even just for late night nature watching! :)

    At one point, a friend and I wanted to build something similar out of an old Video Camera, but the camera was too far gone to make the screen work, and even if we could, we would have had to write our own software and drivers to make it work with a computer.

    PS: I love your site. Thanks for offering this great giveaway!!

  44. Wow. I’m not going to lie, this gadget might just take over my life. No more squinting and craning my neck to see the TV. (My couch is perpendicular to my TV for some odd reason.)
    I’d probably play video games on it most of the time, and some movies as well, I’m sure. I would love to win this contest!

    Congratulations to the person who does win.

  45. I want one so bad. I wonder the person that invented this thing, had most of his/her childhood getting yelled at by mom for sitting too close to the television.

  46. Love to try some of these bad boys…. the tech these days never ceases to amaze me. How fun. Good luck all.

  47. I’m wondering how well these things would work for me as I wear eye glasses… Do they fit over the top of normal specs? Does anyone know? Anyways, they look interesting and I am definitely looking forward to trying them out, provided I win of course :)

  48. chaz stewart

    My Wife hates me, It’s my 50th Birthday 6th November. I have to take her to the Canary Islands on Tuesday, even then she still thinks I’m an A*****le. I’m sure if I won this it would really piss her off as she wishes i would just f**k off and give her peace. Apart from that , life is s**t


  49. Actually, these work quite well and there are different sizes available for different prices. They can be use for gaming, iPods or other MP4 players.

  50. I always wanted something like these. They have decent ones for iPods but I always wanted something for a gaming system or laptop for late night gaming with the wife asleep next to me.

  51. I love this idea, but would have to test out thoroughly before recommending them to anyone. This idea, although a good one, might have drastic affects on ones vision. I do however believe that the only way anyone can truly know for themselves is through a lengthy test, with daily eye tests. A prolonged test that I am willing to sacrifice myself for the benefit of science and entertainment:)

  52. never heard about these things but would be awesome seeing how i watch my movies on a crappy 17″ tv monitor thingy. so how would these work? would they be able to plug into a 360 or something?

  53. These things look pretty cool — I’d love to have one. I hope looking through them doesn’t make you sick, though, like Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. They would especially be nice to have on plane rides. I hate flying. If I actually win, don’t not pick me just because you think my comment is dumb.

  54. this would be a really great toy, it would be neat if you could get it connected to a computer. Handy on planes, although you might look a bit odd.

  55. I wonder how this would work while watching a movie-does it play sound? If it doesn’t you would look kinda funny wearing these and a big set of earphones. But It would be cool to use with my iPod touch or computer. Would it work with a PSP?
    I was also wondering about the “random selection” of the winner. How is that going to work exactly? You could just give it to whomever you want, which is probably going to happen.

  56. This looks like a great product for anyone looking for relaxation therapy and can probably aide in meditation. Sure why not, I’ll put my name in the hat for a free one.


    I tried something look like this that is made for iPod at Brookstone store.
    It did not impress me at all because it had poor resolution.
    If this pieces of gadget supports true 1080 and 62 effective inches, it had to be using carbon nanotube flat panel that IBM develped a couple of years ago.
    Only then, I will believe it. Has to be expensive.

  58. My dentist got something like this and I’ve never missed a cleaning yet. I love the dentist now, they have a great dvd selection and before I know it, its all done. If they can only make one that hooks up to your nose and pumps smell and oxygen so you don’t have to smell your teeth catching fire.

  59. they look a little wonkey but the sheer uniqueness of them and just wanting a hands on look for myself makes me want them.

  60. I tried on a pair of these – or something like them – in Brookstone a while back. Very cool. Would go well with hallucinogens.

  61. Man, I’ve wanted one of these since they were first made (not this exact one, but the same type of device), but they’re just too expensive for what they are.

  62. I can imagine using these for structural research of molecular chemistry. I would like to see software developed to drive these with 3D video. Could be really cool!

  63. Just found out from Vuzix that these do work great with iPod Touch and iPhone with cables in the box! I want one of these to watch all the video podcasts I subscribe to from Discovery, National Geographic, Best of YouTube, etc. Want to explore the 3D capabilities also…

  64. Jake Donnally

    Very sleek. This has shown up in Sci-fi for years, but I never thought it would come into existence so soon. Or that I’d ever have a chance at owning one, ever.

  65. Holy awesomeness. I really want these things.

    One problem, though. I may need to get contacts, as I doubt I could wear glasses with those.

  66. Ive been reading and reading about these and i stumbled upon this….. does it have surround sound too??? haha. I would love a pair of those

  67. John J-Jigganado

    If I get one of these it will be sweet… I’ll just sit there zombified watching movies, without my wife, and making lots of noises to indicate that I am really enjoying myself, alone, in my own personal theater. I wonder how ‘random’ the selection process is? Keep up the good work.

  68. I keep hearing about these things. They look super sweet. I get how it can replicate the horizontal aspect of a 62 inch screen, but how can it take the place of the vertical? Its so thin!

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