AT&T Launches Quickfire, A Touchscreen Full QWERTY Phone

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37 Comments to AT&T Launches Quickfire, A Touchscreen Full QWERTY Phone

  1. I have this phone and I have had I for about 4 months and it sucks. It turns itself off and the touch screen ocainally doesn’t work.

  2. The phone came out in November 2008. I have it and I really liked it. I have had it for a year and now the touch screen doesn’t work sometimes or it thinks I am touching a different part of the screen then I actually am. I wouldn’t recommend getting this phone.

  3. yes you have to buy the extra plans. you have to with all data phones now, or at least that is what i was told.
    now i have a question. if this phone was supposed to go on sale in november, then why are all these negative postings from like april?

  4. Do you have to get the special packages like you do with the blackberry or iphone that allows you to go online and get all that gps stuff?

  5. I really want one of these phones. Right now i have the samsung impression and it works great! im worried about the mayjor problems. My friend owns a quickfire and i was playing with it. There wasn’t a lot of lagging but i heard one time the charger cought fire. Thhis was the phone I orriginlally wanted, but they took it off the market so im going to order it off line. If the problems are too bad ill switch back to the impression but I have a feeling it will work out fine.

  6. i love this phone!!! It’s my favorite color green!!!!!! i wish i was able to get this phone omg i can’t wait till i get a bill phone so that i can get this one or a lg xeon

  7. i have a quickfire and it was a huge mistake to buy it. the touch screen sucks, and its very slow. i would not recommmend it. the looks are great but horrible touch screen.


  9. I HAVE THIS PHONE IT IS AWESOME BUT da touch screen is sumtimes a lil slow da battery life is horrible and if u text alot the keyboard wil soon be covered in black spots im gettin a totally new one but i love dis phone

  10. i had the quick fire but i had to get rid of it because it did not charge and the touch screen did not work

  11. omg really? so thats why i didn’t see them in stores ! yeah but does anyone know when they will be back in stores ?!?!?!?!?! like will they be back within the next month to two months?!?!??! i really want to get it!

    • wellll….
      i dont know if youve already found the answer to your question…
      i do know for a fact that they are back in stores now… because i jst ordered mine from at&t and it should be here tomoro!!! im so excited its a freaking amazing phone and its 3g all the way!!! ill be the envy of everyone with crappy phones. lol. jk. but it is a tottally kick a** phone!! =]] hope this helps… bye!

  12. hey i really want one of those phones, its the coolest thing ive ever seen but i heard they got taken off the shelves to try and fix some mayjor problems, and that it will be sold again when its fixed. Do you know when that would be?

  13. Its a horrible phone. very slow. touch screen gets jacked up. not even on market anymore. Bad bad phone.

  14. hey i want a quickfire but i heard they discountinued them how comes they r the coolest things around iam so digging one but i got to wait til i turn 18 to get a plan of my own i have the att slider phone as a pay as u go phone and it cost alot each week.

    • I know I want one so bad but my mom is like totally evil and told me if i want a new phone I have to pay for it my self but I dont have the money right now so Im entering a contest to win a green quickfire.

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