LG Voyager Review (Verizon Wireless)

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24 Comments to LG Voyager Review (Verizon Wireless)

  1. have had the voyager 6 months, one problem, when looking for weather in the browser, the phone resets intermittently, any one else having this problem?


    I LOVE THE VOYAGER!!!!!!!SOOO MUCH!!!BUT…..my parents made me get rid of it because they said they don’t like it!!! so they gave me the itouch then the day the enV3 came out they gave me tht!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) aren’t i soo lucky!!!!????!!! oooo yea u don’t hve 2 tell me bcse i ALREADY KNOW!!!!! GTG MEET THE CAST OF TWILIGHT SOOO BYE!!!!!!!><………..MAYBE U’LL C ME ON TV!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. I love my voyage…and i would be so bummed if they released a voy 2 this summer…just spent my college funds on this one

  4. Angie, I just ordered my Voyager today. What common problems have you read about? Almost all of the reviews I found have been pretty favorable. Let us know how you like the phone once you get it.


  5. My voyager is arriving tomorrow. And i’ve read on the internet about common problems and i am quite nervous. I’m afraid i made the wrong choice in a phone. I hope that it turns out to be alright. And if it doesn’t i’ll just have to see what i can do. Keep us informed!

  6. disculpaen las molestias pero quisiera saber como puedo descargar mis imagenes del celular y se requiere de algun programa o algo por el estilo por que no e podido realizar ese trabajo

  7. I was in the verizon store yesterday and was asking about the LG VX1100. They knew nothing, some had not even heard about it. They commented that it usually takes several months after the phone passes through FCC before they hear anything. Maybe a summer release date?

  8. The last few comments have been atrocious. Anyone who doesnt have anything to add about the release date of the new voyager should shut up and get a life.

  9. This phone is so cool i cant wait to get mine! im getting it in may but its only january bc may is when i get an upgrade. i dont want to wait! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

  10. hey ide like to give a shout out to all my peeps….all my homies and home girls a big shout out…..and ide like to say hi to my mom…….and i hate my brother….but still hi……but im getting the coolest voayger then all yall upin leaving comments……yeah for what ever reason they think ther cool……buy it

  11. foshizzleitsmeh

    yes there will be a voyager 2. its called the VX1100 (Voyager2)
    im not possitive when its coming out though.
    but verizon has been very hush hush about it so if you try to google it you wont find anything.

  12. Hi Kathy:

    How are you? I wrote this review and from what I remember, this has a 30 second limit for multimedia messages (to send to others) but normal video can be shot as long as you have available memory. So, if you have a large memory card in there, it should last for quite a while. Hope that helps!


  13. I am pretty sure there will be a Voyager 2. LG is a big fan of sequels, just look at the EnV or the Chocolate phone. Considering the success of the voyager I am sure there will be a second one. So Brigit, i’m with you on this, I was going to get a voyager but I don’t want there to be a new one just a few months later…maybe a year later that’d be okay…so i’m going with the dare.

  14. I love the Voyager and am dying to get one!!!! But I’m wondering if anyone knows whether there’ll be a Voyager 2 anytime soon….cause I don’t want to spend the money on an ebay voyager(around $350), right as a new one is released.

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