Audi Metroproject Quattro
I don’t usually feature cars on Gadget Review, but the new Audi – released today at the Tokyo Autoshow – is simply a hyper-attractive hybrid which will leave car and gadget enthusiast jaw dropped. Currently dubbed the Metroproject Quattro, this 3 door (2 front doors and a hatchback) can achieve 100km (60 miles or so) on just 4.9 liters (roughly 1.3 gallons) of gas. How so? Simple. The Metroproject Quattro rocks a 1.4 liter TFSI (turbocharged) gas engine and a 30KW electrics motor which is positioned at the rear axle. Apparently the rear, electric engine will kick in during acceleration and ultimately turns into an AWD vehicle. Furthermore, 80% of torque is achievable at just 1,250 RPMs (my GTI requires 2,000+ to achieve turbo kick in). I’m not sure if it’s a user option (i.e. a switch that can be flipped), but supposedly the electric motor – which runs on a Lithium Ion battery – can run independently, thus accomplishing 0 emissions and provides a range of 100km. 0-60 is achieved in 7.8 seconds. Not the fastest vehicle, but I’m sure tweaking is on the horizon.

Read more here, which includes info about electromagnetic shocks

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