Daily Archives: September 10, 2005

ROKR Reviewed (it ain’t looking good)


I think it is safe to say there was severe disappointment when Motorola’s iPod phone, the ROKR, was released last week. The design didn’t resemble what many expected, which was supposed to be more iPod and less phone. For some reason Jobs and his team wanted to wash their hands...

iPod Nano Reviewed

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The reviews are crashing through the doors and of course the critics are raving. My first surprise was that Apple’s speculated 14 hour continuous playback time is true, and even slightly better. Some maybe be disappointed by the Nano’s placement of the headphone jack – on bottom of the device...

Email Privacy Invaded by Yahoo!

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Think your email privacy is safe? Well perhaps it is to some extent here in the US, but China and Yahoo seem to be setting an unsettling precedence. Yahoo recently had to comply with the Chinese government’s legal demands to release a Chinese reporter’s email for prosecution. Yahoo Holdings has...

5 Foot Robot That Can Build


Japanese bridge builder Kawada Industries will enlist the assistance of 5 foot tall robots, the HRP-3P, to work on construction sites and other risky jobs. Kawada and its two partners demonstrated on Thursday the robots ability to walk on ice and in heavy rain. Apparently they will carry out jobs...

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