If you are shopping for GPS tracking gadgets, check out 5 of the best personal GPS tracking devices. Then check out the one below. We all have things in our life that we want to keep safe and secure. Aside from our assets, the well being of our family is our number one priority. Trackimo aims to keep everything in our lives, including our loved ones safe with their lineup of advanced GPS trackers.

Keep Track of the Things that Matter

You can use these devices for all sorts of situations. Keep an eye on your kids, track down your elderly senile grandmother who wandered out of the house before something bad happens to her. Put it in your car and keep track of where it goes when you loan it out to friends. Attach it to your drone in case it gets lost.

The point is that Trackimo’s devices will protect and locate anything that is important to you. Track exactly where they are, automatically alerting you when sensing distress signals. Trackimo uses proprietary patented technology, along with newest fastest GPS & CPU chips. It works both indoors and outdoors with 5 tracking modules: GPS, A-GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Trackimo has unlimited 3G coverage and works worldwide right out of the box. And guess what? No roaming charges.

Trackimo GPS Tracking Devices
Trackimo provides real-time tracking around the world.

Trackimo is Digital Peace of Mind

You can receive alerts by text, email, and app notifications for emergency events, safety zone breach, speed thresholds and sudden movement. If someone is in trouble, one press of the SOS button will broadcast the location via app notification, email, or text. And you don’t have to worry about privacy. The tracking info is only available to you.

Trackimo gives you peace of mind. Whether it helps you to find a lost pet, keep track of an elderly relative, or helps you find a lost item, you’ll be glad you have it. The company has several models to choose from. You can find the unit that is right for you on their website.

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  1. I purchased this item to use on my own vehicle as a way to retrieve my car if it’s ever stolen after an ex threatened to steal my car and burn it as well as hurt me. I’ve activated the device and it works great. The Trackimo device itself is small and can easily be stored and hidden in various locations in your vehicle or purchase a magnetic case and attach it to the exterior of your car. I initially purchased and used the device with the magnetic case, but now I store the device in my glove compartment. I don’t have issues with the signal by keeping it there. This is an AWESOME product.

  2. I don’t want my 5 year old to have a smartphone (in the minority, apparently), and wanted something that would allow me to track him. Did he get on the bus? Is it time to walk out to meet him? I had wanted something allowing programmed calls to a handful of numbers, but reviews for those products are dicey – either lukewarm or 5 glowing reviews from 5 people who have reviewed nothing else (hum, employees of the Chinese firm?), so I went with this. This device exceeds my expectations. It’s simple to use, highly accurate, doesn’t require another phone line on my plan and doesn’t blow through data. In fact it is so accurate that when he returned home without it one night, I tracked it, drove over to its location, knocked on door and asked for my device back. Dumb-looking kid from same school glumly hands it over, with the name tag torn off (I just found it …). It’s now fasted inside the bag with a tie-wrap. There are some negative reviews … yes, don’t expect GPS to be accurate inside the school, either for a $130 device like this or a $800 iPhone. Try locating yourself in a mall sometime on your smartphone …

  3. Had it over a month. Trackimo 3G GPS Tracker is a very nice product.. seems like it updates every 2 mins when a vehicle is in motion.. or 1 to 2 hours when the vehicle is parked.. as soon as u start moving it updates every 2 mins I guess to save battery life.. battery lasted me 3 weeks! I will buy 4 more of these units.. one for my Harley-Davidson, one for my small 5×8 tractor supply trailer, one for my boat.. and other things such as vehicles.. if something gets stolen.. ill find it easy.. very good product worth getting!

  4. My husband is self employed, works in the woods….with safety being top priority these are just the best…his guys check in when they go to into the woods and of course when they are out of the woods….very comforting to know all is well and that if anything happened they just have to hit the SOS button and help is on it’s way…

  5. The waterproof box from trackimo is a beast! The tracker and the waterproof box is a MUST HAVE combo! Really pleased with the performance. I got the trackimo now for almost a year now and purchased the box after 6months when we realized winter is coming and moist could probably damage the device. Great device for the price.

  6. Trackimo GPS Pet Tracker is the best guardian of my pet dog. This never fails me tho Thumbs up for Trackimo.

  7. Trackimo is simply the best for me. I can track my elderly mother easily, it is a huge help in keeping my peace of mind.

  8. I was able to get around this device as it worked really well unexpectedly! I’ve been traveling for leisure and needed something for the drone. I can see my drone in my phone app even when it’s really far!

  9. I’ve been researching about 3G GPS trackers before getting one to keep track of my luggage and important belongings when I travel. Trackimo has quite a good reputation for being versatile and dependable, I like that it works worldwide and uses a 3G connection. Looking forward to getting my Trackimo device!

  10. My Trackimo experience hit beyond my expectation.I’ve been traveling for business and needed a device to keep track of my important luggage. The device is just easy to use and very reliable.

  11. I am pleased with this tracking device. Got this for my elderly dog, when we had a big scare with him getting lost in the woods when we were hiking once. This is easy to use and location tracking is on point.

  12. Trackimo is indeed a great GPS device. I’m using it to keep track of my daughter who just got her driving license, for her safety and my peace of mind. I can check her location and driving speed easily, the device just gets the work done!

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