The Ferno Grill Sears Steaks With Style

It’s grilling season, so chances are most of us have already grilled up some steaks, hot dogs, fish, and veggies. But are you doing it in style, with a world’s best charcoal grill or are you rocking one of the better gas grills? Maybe you have a basic box on legs with propane and a lid? Do your guests make fun of your tiny grill?

Well, the Ferno Grill will solve these problems. This state-of-the-art outdoor grill marries both function and style. Now you will be grilling like a pro and your guests will have grill-envy.

Grill In Style And Be The Man This Summer

The patented FireWheel lets you adjust the height of the burners and flames to sear, smoke or slow cook to perfection. This grill to rule all grills also has custom ¼” cast iron grates and large ceramic wool insulated hood. all of these factors combine for better, more precise cooking results. If your meat cooks better, it tastes better.

The Ferno Grill is now available nationwide and includes white-glove delivery service, which is what you would expect from a luxury grill like this.

Peck Euwer, founder of Ferno Grills says, “It took four years, eight prototypes, one patent and over 750 lbs. of meat, fish and veggies to test and build the Ferno Grill. It delivers a more controlled experience, so even the cook can enjoy themselves during gatherings.”

Not only does it cook your food perfectly, but it will also cook a lot of it. The large cooking footprint means that you can grill two 18 lb. turkeys simultaneously. It will withstand the elements thanks to heavy gauge stainless steel and aluminum finishes, and a 10-year warranty on burners and radiants, plus a 20-year warranty on the frame and firebox means that this grill will serve you for years to come.

Ferno doesn’t skimp on the side tables either, giving you 400 sq inches per side table, with a 100 lb. weight capacity. The side tables are also made from Mapletex, an NSF-rated food handling material. They really have thought of every detail when they engineered this grill.

For Men That Take Grilling Seriously

If that isn’t enough, this badass grill also has a convenient side warming area that measures 5” x 21” for when you need to keep food warm, but off the grill.

Other features include a 26” x 18” x 1” extra-large grease tray that slides out, 90 lumens of LED lighting built into the hood with automatic shut-off and an optional smoker box.

You can order Ferno Grills on for $4,800 which includes the white glove delivery anywhere in the continental U.S. Oh man, I wish I had this grill and like a 50 pounds of meat.

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