New Era makes all sorts of hats, from sports to custom collaborations and now they are coming out with a special hat line celebrating your favorite 8-Bit heroes from Super Mario Bros! And in case you or your friends were undecided between the PS4 or Xbox One, take a look at our review on these Amazon polls consumers: PS4 or Xbox one, with staggering results.

Gamers will be super excited to sport these stylish and fashionable caps dedicated to one of the greatest games ever! Starting in Japan, their new hat line will feature characters from the well-loved games represented as 8-bit designs. Expect designs that showcase everyone from Mario, to Luigi, to King Koopa and more. The hats will vary in price, from $48 all the way up to $62. For Nintendo lovers, take a look at our review of the Nintendo DSi quick pros cons list.

Kristie Bertucci

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