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If you’re looking for the Best GPS Tracker options available in the market for cell phones, don’t just sort through the expensive high-end stuff. Sometimes you can find hidden gems on the low-end too. The Spyic Phone Tracker is one of those hidden gems. It’s so good that it has a real potential of pretty much becoming the Best GPS Phone Tracker option for budget buyers.

Why We Like It – Spyic

Few issues related to security and privacy aside, the Spyic spy app is one of the cheaper options available out there. And even though it’s cheap, this mobile phone tracker provides similar functionalities when compared to other costlier monitoring apps.

  • Both Android devices and iOS devices supported
  • Excellent customer service
  • Social media monitoring app
  • No root or jailbreak support
  • Privacy concerns


Just like the Glympse spy app, the Spyic app also uses a substantial amount of resources while running in the background. And it will have a negative effect on the performance, i.e., you’ll be getting ~15-20% less performance while navigating through your phone.


As we mentioned before, it is a resource-heavy location tracking app for mobile phones. And the battery life obviously is going to be much worse once you install Spyic app on your mobile phone. Comparatively, the Cocospy tracking app draws much less power and is lighter on the hardware overall.

Ease Of Use

Once you install Spyic on the target phone/target device, controlling everything becomes much more manageable. Just make sure to create a Spyic account beforehand using a web browser. After that, you’ll easily be able to use Spyic in order to see web browser history, recipient email addresses, and pretty much everything you need realistically.


It is a spy app with SIM card location tracking. So you have to be careful about who you are handing this data to. At the end of the day, none of these apps guarantee privacy. But the Spyic app isn’t even available on the official Google Play Store or the App Store. And that doesn’t plant good user faith at all from the very beginning. A good alternative, in this case, would be Life360 GPS Tracker.


The premium plan costs $9.99/month, and it comes out to be one of the cheaper options available in the monitoring apps market. That makes its value proposition go up exponentially. And it retains all the features an adequate monitoring app comes with.

Spyic Wrap Up

So, all in all, the Spyic is not that bad of an option when it comes to mobile phone trackers. It manages to provide a few more features that you won’t see on factory device tracking for its low price.

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