Sony Playstation Update 4.45 “Bricking” Systems. Officially Pulled For Review

Sony 4-45 Brick systems

Download at your own risk. Yesterday’s PlayStation 3 4.45 system software update is actually “bricking” some systems. The issue is so severe it appears Sony has yanked the 4.45 update pending review. The company has attempted to downplay the issue stating, though they are investigating, the issue has only hampered a “small number” of machines worldwide. But be sure the message boards paint a very different picture where users are thoroughly P.O.’d.

Last week was E3 where Sony stole the next generation show by really doing for PlayStation 4 much of what it already does for PS3. However adhering to the mechanics of the past such as, backward compatibility, removable hard drives, no fees for used games, full ability to share game discs with friends and no “always-on” DRM came in the wake of Xbox announcing much newness that was diametrically opposed to the familiar features mentioned above. Some of the wind has definitely been snatched from their sales by this update fiasco and Microsoft reversing it’s hard-line stance on DRM, disc sharing and how used game with work on the new Xbox One.

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