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Read truck reviews on Gadget Review and discover the best open-bed vehicles for your need. Check out our comparisons of the best trucks and learn how differences in features such as 4WD and AWD can affect the vehicle’s performance. We tell you about the best trucks for traction control, these include models by Nissan, Toyota, and Chevrolet. Our reviews cover the pros and cons of owning a crew cab, regular cab, and extended cab models with respect to attributes such as stability, navigation, maneuverability, towing capacity, and cost. Trucks are the ultimate cargo carriers on roads across the world and all the different makes and models are exhaustively covered by Gadget Review.

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Depending upon the end use, you can choose from different types of trucks. These include very light trucks made mainly by Japanese manufacturers such as Daihatsu, Honda, and Mitsubishi; light trucks or pickup trucks; dump trucks; and heavy trucks. The latest in truck technology gets featured on Gadget Review; and the newest trucks that debut in truck shows across the world are covered on this site.