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Gadget Review brings you LG tablet reviews and in-depth comparisons of models such as the G Pad and Optimus Pad with other tablets. Let us help you zoom in on the best tablet from the host of LG tablets featuring 3G and 4G connectivity, different screen sizes, display technology, battery life, processor strength, and choice of graphics processors.

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Apart from regular LG tablet reviews, Gadget Review brings to you rumors that often end up as confirmed news, and also help you discover the best LG tablets that are within your budget.

If you’re wondering about how your chosen LG tablet fares against its rivals and competitors, then you’ll definitely find the answer on the pages of Gadget Review. LG tablets are known to feature useful aids such as writing recognition software and QPair, which lets you connect the tablet to a smartphone via Bluetooth for multitasking and using the smartphone’s data connection on the tablet.