HTC Tablet Reviews For 2018

The best HTC tablets are great for multi-tasking and running multiple apps. At Gadget Review, we write HTC tablet reviews comparing them with other tablet manufacturers such as Amazon, Apple, Sony, LG, Samsung, and Toshiba. HTC is one of the biggest tablet manufacturers in the world, and run on either Android or Windows 8 operating systems. We tell you about the best HTC tablets available, and offer product reviews, buying guides, and shopping comparisons.

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HTC makes several lines of tablets, including the Flyer and EVO models. They also helped Google make the Nexus line of tablets. Gadget Review can help you find the right HTC tablet to purchase, by providing price and spec comparisons that let you know what to look for in a tablet.

Tablets have a wide range of uses, replacing PCs in many applications. Tablets are also available with cellular plans, so they can be used also as smartphones. Let Gadget Review help you make the right choice the next time you purchase a tablet, with buying guides for the best mobile tablets out there.