PS4 Specs Unveiled, Includes Touchpad Controller, 8GB of RAM, Coming Holiday 2013

Yesterday I told you that the PS4 would arrive sometime this year for a price north of $400.  While we don’t have a confirmation on the actual price or ship date, I do know that it will arrive in stores this holiday.  That means that we’ll see an abundance of new games demoed at this year’s upcoming E3, and with it, in all likelihood, the official launch date and price of the Playstation 4.  Until that time arrives you’ll have to be satiated with what little info was released today at the New York City event.


It would seem that there was more focus on the games than the actual hardware at the Sony event today.  I didn’t watch the actual streamed event, but I can tell you what was announced as well as shown off.  Gizmodo and Kotaku, as well as a few other sites have video clips, so head there to see them in action.  The most notable of the bunch, at least personally speaking, was Watch Dogs.  I told you about the game last year.  At the time we didn’t know if it was a current gen or next gen console game.  Turns out it’s next gen, at least in the case of Sony.  Sony also announced that Square is working on an all new Final Fantasy title, which needless to say is pretty epic.  Other games included Diablo 3;  Killzone Shadow Fall; Infamous Second Son; Knack; and DriveClub, a driving game.


Clearly Sony didn’t completely let the cat all the way out of the bag, but they did answer some questions that have long remained rumors.  They’ve employed Gakai to deliver a streaming like gaming experience.  Not only does this mean that users will be able to observe your gaming prowess from just about any where, but Vita owners will be able to play PS4 games on the handheld gaming device.  How?  Gakai’s cloud service converts the PS4 into a server, which handles all the heavy lifting, while the Vita, a client, simply processes the gamers input and displays the on-screen action.  It’s a bit like Nvidia’s Project Shield in that respect.  In addition to that, gamers will be able to grab screenshots and videos and share them friends via social networks.


Sony is pretty mum on what’s under the proverbial hood, but we now know that it will in fact ship with a massive 8GB of RAM – the PS3 has just 512mb.  While they didn’t show off the console itself, they did disclose pics and info about the controller.  It turns out those leaked shots were in fact correct, though this version is a bit more polished.  A touchpad sits in the center, there is a share button for capturing screenshots and videos, and an included camera tracks the controllers position for advanced motion gestures.  No word on what GPU is behind the curtain, but Sony did say that the processor is of the X86CPU ilk.

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