Method All Purpose Cleaning French Lavender Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Method All Purpose cleaner kitchen products come in six different scents: french lavender, pink grapefruit, lime, honeycrisp apple, clementine, and ginger yuzu. These cleaning products are naturally derived from biodegradable ingredients and cruelty-free for the ecologically minded consumer but struggles with carpet and stubborn stains. If you’re looking for the best all purpose cleaner options, make sure to check out our list.

Why We Like It – Method All Purpose cleaner

The Method All Purpose cleaner smells great and is naturally derived for a greener cleaning experience. The method products are designed with natural ingredients and are made cruelty-free for the conscious consumer. If you’re in the market for a green surface cleaner that can tackle tough grease, this is a great pick. If you prefer a mild spraying solution, open the Kleen warrior review.

  • Smells great and comes in five other scents.
  • Cruelty-free and made with natural ingredients.
  • All-purpose surface cleaner.
  • May leak during shipping.
  • Not recommended for toilets.


The Method All Purpose cleaner cuts through grease and grime with ease. As a surface cleaner works great on tile, glass, stone, and wood with no problem but struggles when tackling deep-set stains and grease, where the Mr. Clean Multi-Surface cleaner excels. The naturally derived ingredients are non-toxic, a huge plus for parents or daycares, and the french lavender smells great and doesn’t suffer the same problem as so many other overpowering scents. Customers love it for its streak-free finish, so surfaces look as clean as they are when you’re finished. For a plant-based formula for tiles and most counters, read the Method all purpose cleaner review.


The Method cleaning products are relatively small for easy storage and come in a pack of eight. Some customers have reported that they can leak in transit due to the spray nozzle; this may be more a fault on the part of Amazon’s packaging process but can be an issue regardless of blame. The Soft Scrub All Purpose surface cleanser offers a similar multipack and fewer cases of spilled product or missing bottles in transit at the cost of a more intense lemon scent and eco-friendliness.


As cleaning products go, the Method All Purpose cleaner is a great deal, rivaling the Lysol Clean and Fresh Multi-Cleaner. Regardless of whether you pick up the french lavender or pink grapefruit, you’ll be glad you did for its ability to cut through stubborn grime and grease during spring cleaning. Because it is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, this comes as an easy recommendation for school teachers, daycares, or parents of children with sensitive skin issues that stem from harsh chemicals.

Method All Purpose cleaner Wrap Up

If you’re in the market for a surface cleaner that smells great and is hypoallergenic, this naturally derived all purpose cleaner is an obvious recommendation for its natural ingredients. Similar cleaning products tend toward harsh chemicals and animal testing, but the Method All Purpose cleaner is in a class all its own.

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