Marshall Fridge 650x388 1

LEGEN…wait for it…DARY! That probably best describes Marshall amps, or at least that’s what Barney Stinson would say on HIMYM. The iconic brand that has stood behind some of the biggest rock stars this planet has ever fostered now sells the perfect compliment to your alcohol induced jam sessions. Ladies and gentlemen feast your eyes on the Marshall Fridge. This Samsung – Best Side-by-Side Refrigerator Brand is also worth getting amped over.

But this ain’t just any fridge.  Instead of your usual boring white or stainless steel facade, the Marshall Fridge looks and feels just like one of their timeless guitar amplifiers.  It’s even replete with all the usual knobs and switches.  However, instead of a speaker and a bunch of wires, the guts are outfitted with a coolant system and a storage area with enough space to store up to 4.4cu feet of beer.  They’ve also managed to stuff in a freezer.

Like all good things you’ll have to wait for the Marshall Fridge.  It’ll arrive this October for $299.

Update: the price is actually $400.

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