Be A Master Griller With The Lynx Smart Grill, Voice-Activated Grill Cooks The Perfect Steak

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Not everyone can be a grill master. It takes time and skill to be able to grill up anything to perfection. Don’t knock yourself down, though. Grilling isn’t for everyone. But now you can fake your grill knowledge with the voice-activated Lynx Smart Grill that can tap into an online database of grilling info, allowing you the ability to fake your skills and impress all. It features a MyChef voice-actives interface that will ask you a couple of questions about what you want to cook and then it’ll pull detailed instructions from its vast database! The database will even tell you where to the best place to cook the item on the grill would be.

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Its system also automates key grilling functions like firing up the burners, so all you have to do is tell it what you want grilled and placing the meat on the grill, seasoning it and then turning it. It’ll tell you when it’s time to turn your item via audio, visual and/or text message cues so you can go sit on your lawn chair with a beer in hand watching the game on your outdoor TV. It comes with a smartphone app that will keep you connected to the filling process and the grill itself has an automatic safety shut-off.


But if you don’t want to rely on the grill’s database and want to put your grilling knowledge o the test, you can use its “learning module,” which allows its data to be updated to reflect your preferences. Well if this sounds like you’re perfect grill, you’re have to wait until 2015 when it’ll be released and sell for $3,799.

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