The ivee Sleek Is A Voice-Activated Assistant For Your Home That Control Blinds, Thermostat and More (video)

ivee sleek

The Kickstarter campaign for the ivee Sleek voice-activated assistant is like a Siri for your home! It’s like having your very own personal home assistant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ives can answer questions, obey commands you give it and can control other Internet-connected devices you have in your house…all from one little device. With ivee around, you’ll be living ins a smart house!

As the worlds’ first Wi-Fi voice-activated assistant for your home, you never have to physically control any device ever again! You can set reminders, wake up calls, and have it fetch various web content like weather, stocks, news and more. The goal of this Kickstarter device is to create a simpler, more natural way of interfacing with the Internet and your home via one simple-to-use device.

As soon as you start talking to ivee, it will turn your simple words into actions, making it a very useful tool for those who are handicapped like the visually impaired, the elderly and those who simply struggle with computer interaction and new technology. Set to ship this October, ivee will come with its batch of applications that allow you to set it to do many things. The device can work on its own right out of the box, but to connect it to other smart devices, all you have to do is use their online dashboard. You can even have it text you reminders on the go when you input your cell phone. Since it connects to their servers, it can easily be updated with new features every month, allowing ivee to get “smarter” over time. If you pledge $149 or more, you can get your own ivee, but hurry because it will retail for $199 when it comes out!

ivee sleek

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