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Customer reviews are in and they say that flitz lq 04535 plastic fiberglass is a great tool for polishing and renewing material such as brass copper silver, stainless steel, and more. This polish can also remove tarnish from headlights to restore them. It goes beyond that and it can even be used as a graffiti cleaner. This is a multipurpose cleaner from our Best Aluminum Polish along with other products like the flitz plastic fiberglass 1 76 ounce blister.

Why We Like It – Flitz LQ 04535 Plastic Fiberglass

The flitz lq 04535 plastic fiberglass liquid polish is a cleaner that tackles harsh stains, and also polishes a majority of your painted surfaces and stone. This is a unique item because it has multiple uses. The polish removes tarnish on your stainless steel, metal, and plastic and leaves a fresh lemon scent after you’re done.

  • It is a multipurpose cleaner
  • Great lemon scent after use
  • A 3.4oz bottle may finish quickly


The range of uses for this product will be enough reason for you to check it out. From headlight restoration to removing rust on any painted surface or stone, this polish does more than enough. The industrial strength products inside this polish are enough to renew metal, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, and chrome. After every use, whatever project you are working with will be left with a new shine and a lemon scent which is unique because not often do we see a polish with an after scent.


The lemon scent is one of the best parts of the product. If having a scented polish isn’t as important to you, please consider other great products like mothers 05101 mag aluminum polish which is a simple polish that does its job without leaving a scent. This polish is designed to remove tarnish from water stains, lime deposits, chalking, and more. Rest assured that the fiberglass polish liquid will leave your stainless steel nickel metal plastic fiberglass possessions with a fresh look and scent.


Although this is a diverse multipurpose cleaner, this unit only holds about 3.4oz in each bottle which is pretty small when taking into perspective its multiple uses. By the time you are done restoring headlights and cleaning metal surfaces, you may not have enough product left to deal with the graffiti. If you are looking for a large sized polish product be sure to check out the chemical guys spi_402_16 restorer protectant that comes with a good 16oz to work with. If the product isn’t a big success for you, the Flitz company offers 30 days to get your money back.

Flitz LQ 04535 Plastic Fiberglass Wrap Up

Right now you can take advantage of this polish and with your purchase you receive free shipping. This polish will renew aluminum pewter, copper, and other metals you own, and it will go as far as taking off graffiti. Leave your possessions with a brand new shine and lemony fresh scent.

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