Dodge’s Tomahawk Motorcycle Is No Joke With 500 Horsepower

Tomahawk Motorcycle

Dodge isn’t playing games with its Tomahawk Motorcycle that really defies what you’d think of a tradition motorcycle. Featuring four wheels (with each wheel having its own independent suspension) and a 8.3-liter V10 Doge Viper SRT10 engine, this baby is capable of speeds up to 420 mph (Dodge claimed this but it was never tested because it was deemed that it did not have sufficient aerodynamics), pushing out 500 ponies for a pure adrenaline rush. Originally released at the 2003 North American International AUto Show in Detroit as a concept cycle since it didn’t have street-legal status, now you can own one of the nine machines created for the bargain price of a half a million bucks.

But Dodge is trying to sell them as “rolling sculptures,” and don’t really want you riding them (as if any of the buyers aren’t gonna try to take them out for a spin or two). Who wouldn’t want to test out a bike that can go from zero to 60 mph in just 2.3 seconds, right?! But since you can’t legally drive it on regular roads, it would be wise to try and find somewhere with lots of open road that cops don’t frequent ’cause we can just imagine the ticket you’d get while testing out its limits.

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  1. It could be chained down on a dyno and its gearing’s top speed capability determined while disregarding aerodynamics, as well as proving the 500HP claim.

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