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Booq’s Agenda iPad Mini Folio Case is Available Now for $40

There are no shortage of iPad Mini cases.  At best, most of them just protect the device from dings and scratches.  And while it’s simple enough to jot down notes via the tablet’s touchscreen, nothing quite beats pen and paper.

Enter the Booq Agenda iPad Mini Case.  It combines an iPad Mini Case with a notepad.  There is also a variety of slots for storing cash, business cards, and a loop for holding a pen or a stylus – sorry, it’s one or the other.  Booq includes a 50-page notepad in your purchase, which they say is made from at least 30% post-consumer recycled material and is printed with soy ink.  Sounds eco-friendly to me.  Of course, when you run out of paper, you’ll need to go to Booq, where you can buy them in packs of three (price TBD).  According to Booq the Agenda folio doesn’t hinder any of the tablet’s ports, works with lefties and righties, and provides access to all buttons.  So presumably you can still capture a photo with the Booq Mini Agenda in place.  Just keep in mind that it will add not just bulk to the svelte tablet, but weight.  .80lbs to be exact, which is a fair bit in the grand scheme of things.

The Boog Agenda iPad Mini Folio is available now in black or gray for $39.95.

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