Bang & Olufsen Beo6 Wireless Remote Control

With a new version of its home theater system remote, Bang & Olufsen beings wireless control to its living room entertainment system. The Beo6 replaces the Beo5 and looks good doing it.

A glass display with touch interface provides for the more complex aspects of the interaction, and it’s connected to an aluminum ball sporting the more classical buttons you’d expect on a remote control, although with the touch-screen-connected-to-a-sphere design, this is more reminiscent of Star-Trek than anything that controls a television.

TV menus and station logos will be displayed on the touchscreen, and programmable macros give meta-control over your living room environment, from dimming the lights to switching media sources.

No prices and shipping dates are available, and I say prices because the Beo6 will come in either aluminum or gold, both with black accents.


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