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Amazon Upgrades The Kindle Paperwhite

If you like books, but hate lugging books around, the Kindle has been a godsend. You can pack in a dozen books and haul them to the beach in one small package, and you can just keep your library on you for those moments when you need to look something up. Or, you know, if you’re bored. Either way, the new Kindle is designed to do all that and be even better doing it.


In some respects, it’s the same Kindle Paperwhite you know and love. It’s got the anti-glare screen; the battery that lasts for weeks which is pretty easy when your design doesn’t require a lot of power, but hey, it’s a feature; the backlight; and the usual convenience of coming in either Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and free 3G models.

So what’s new? Well, there’s a new font, Bookerly, to reduce eyestrain. They’ve also cranked up the resolution to 300 dpi, so it’s essentially like looking at a sheet of paper at this point. And there’s also their “X-Ray” branding, which is essentially access to the Cliff’s Notes and something we’re sure will be welcomed by every lazy college student.

Kindle A Fire

kindle paperwhite 2

In the end, though, the real appeal is just always having books with you, no matter what, while cutting down on the weight. So if you’re a bibliophile, or just mostly want to have your books with you no matter what, make a point of picking up this new Kindle.

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