Titanfall is one of the most eagerly anticipated games of 2014. And no eagerly anticipated shooter is really complete without a custom controller. Here’s what Titanfall will be offering gamers when it drops this April.

A Controller Worthy Of A Mech

Thankfully, you will not have to go the full Steel Battalion to play the game if you use the controller. The controller itself is actually pretty much a stock controller for the Xbox One; there aren’t any special features mentioned in the announcement.

Then again, we’re well past the days of “turbo controllers.” This is pretty much all about the design.

Military Gear Of The Future

As you might remember, Titanfall is a multiplayer game with a storyline about rebellion against an interplanetary government, and as such, is crammed full of advanced military technology. Needless to say, that’s what inspired the design of this particular controller. The idea is that you have what feels like a genuine control of the mech you’re wall-running in as you spray the battlefield with bullets.

OK, so perhaps it won’t quite evoke that feeling. But it should be pretty entertaining to use, nonetheless.

Buy The Controller Of The Future


Surprisingly, this so far has not been announced as part of a special edition. Instead, you’ll be able to buy it separately as part of the run up to the launch of Titanfall in early March. And, being as it’s a modern game controller, you can expect to pay accordingly: Currently, the controller is priced at $60.

You can get it for free, however. Microsoft is running a contest through January 23rd for two lucky winners to enter, so if you want to get your hands on this without paying as much as the cost of a game, that will be your way in. Everybody else… well, we hope you like mechs.

Dan Seitz

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