Some Dark Knight fans show their allegiance by dressing up in official Batman garb when any custome party presents itself.  Others simply went to the movie six times over, raved about it on Twitter, then went back again despite their friends hazing them for their unhealthy obsession.  But nothing says devoted fan than building a to scale $1.6 million Tumbler.

Team Galag sought the skills of Parker Brothers Concepts and suffice to say they delivered.  Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving  as this 2.5 ton beast can’t go much faster than 100mph.  That’s very contrary to the Dark Knight films, which depicts the cape crusader hurdling from building to building in his fire-breathing black dragon.  But Team Galag has no intention of racing this movie accurate vehicle, at least not in a race where time counts.

Since we couldn’t get the original blue prints, we did a little digging and found tidbits here and there on what the assembly of a Tumbler requires…

On May 18th they’ll begin their 3000 mile journey, which is best known as the Gumball 3000.  In this race it’s not the first to the finish line that are rewarded with the top prize, but those that bring the most pizzaz and creativity to the table – though it doesn’t hurt if you’ve got a car like this that places first over the finish line.

batman-tumbler-7 batman-tumbler-8 batman-tumbler-5 batman-tumbler-4

Christen Costa

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