Details on the sixth generation Quattroporte have been released by Maserati and they will debut it at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show (NAIAS). The 2014 model will be longer and lighter than the current outgoing model and could features a new steel monocoque chassis.  Thanks to the use of more aluminum on the new model, it’s said to have a curb weight of 1940 kg (down by 50 kg). The new model will also have an all-wheel drive option, but only after the RWD model hits the streets first.

When it launches, it will have a Ferrari-made V8 engine powering it, rumored to be an updated version of the current 4.7-liter 453 hp, and it will be connected to an automatic transmission. Maserati is considering additional supercharged and turbocharged V6 and V8 gasoline and diesel engines for the 2014 model, too. The inside has also been upgraded with new features and will provide a more luxurious feel for customers. It will sport a big central touchscreen display that will host most of the car’s controls. Check out the additional videos for more info on the 2014 Quattroporte.


Kristie Bertucci

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