If anybody should own one of Headcase’s Etch a Sketch iPad cases, it’s Eddie Murphy. It just suits his casually and childishly obsessive nature, he would surely fiddle with the two white functionless dials until everyone around him believed they do indeed serve some purpose.

He would fiddle with them endlessly because it would remind him of childhood, and the 80’s, and a simpler time when a gadget as small as the iPad could be no more complex than an Etch a Sketch pad. That was yesteryear’s triumph of lightweight technology, and it wasn’t at all bad.

The Etch a Sketch iPad case is an exact clone of the ancient device, from the color to the buttons to the ‘Magic Screen’ name up top. It doesn’t cover up any of the iPad’s ports, as you would expect from any good case, and it can be propped up for a better reading angle.

It’s only $39, so you don’t have to be Eddie Murphy to buy it, and it won’t turn you into Eddie Murphy even though it has the word ‘Magic’ written on it.