The fine folks over at the Official PlayStation Blog have answered some questions about the Premium PlayStation Plus Service that launches next week. For $18 for three months or $50 a year, gamers will receive a bunch of stuff, including Wipeout HD as a sign-up bonus, a subscription to the monthly PSN-exclusive video show Qore (which includes special demos and betas), discounts on DLC in the PSN store, and access to full games from PSP Minis and PS One Classics. (All of those games will be yours to play as long as you’re still subscribed to PSN+.)

In addition, they’ll be able to play a trial of a digital PS3 game (this month it’s Infamous), where you’ll get to play the game for an hour and then decide to buy it or delete it — if you buy it, you can continue your game save where you left off. Then there’s the Automatic Updating feature, where you can schedule your console to wake up from standby at a certain time to download system and software updates, then shut down again. Sounds pretty sweet to me.

PlayStation Plus hits June 29th. If you sign up then, you’ll get an additional three months added to a one year subscription.

Chris Gullo