The last time you hit a bump in the road you probably cursed and sweared.  But soon, thanks to a technology from Levant Power, you’ll be praising your city’s pot holes.

The GenShock is designed to replace part of  a car or truck’s suspension system.  In addition to providing what Levant claims is a smoother ride and better control, the GenShock can harvest the energy from the bumps in the road and transfer it to battery cells, alternators and other electrical components in the vehicle.  If installed in a hybrid they say it can improve fuel efficiency any where from 1.5-6%.

Road tests with a Humvee have already completed and they plan to expand the device to trucks, buses and other vehicles this summer.  When they will be commercially available is unknown, but Levant says the cost of the power generating shock absorbers can be recouped in as little as 18 months.

Although the above infomercial is a bit hoky – the executives of the company looks like teenagers and the interviews take place in a hallway – they’ve already received accolades from MIT, Pop Sic and the US Department of Energy.


Christen Costa

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