So the Crunchpad is no more.  In fact it will now be known as the JooJoo, which apparently means ‘magic’ – talk about delusions of grandeur.  Their CEO, Chandra Rathakrishnan performed a press conference today and denounced any claims that Arrington (i.e. Techcrunch) owns rights to the technology.  In fact, there was no formal aggreement and right now it sounds like Arrington is a bit screwed.

Despite the legal wranglings that lay ahead, Fusion Garage still plans to sell the device.  Pre-orders will go up on December 11th.  That $200 price tag is no more and now you can expect to pay $499 for the 12.1-inch capacitive touchscreen device.  With that you’ll also get WiFi, a browser like OS, accelerometer, a 4GB SSD and enough graphic power for HD video.  Battery life will cap at 5 hours, which probably means 3 and unfortunately there is no SIM slot for 3G connectivity or the possibility of this thing being sold by a carrier at a discount.


Christen Costa

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