Suffice to say it’s been a ripe year for Beatles fans.  With all the other Beatles stuff to buy comes along this Limited Edition Beatles Catalog stored on a Apple Shaped USB Flash Drive from EMI and Apple Corps.

Available now for pre-order, this $280 set has 16GB’s of re-mastered stereo FLAC and MP3 versions of the Beatles Catalog.  FLAC quality runs at 44.1Khz 24 bit, whereas the MP3′s are at 320 Kbps.  Priced at $60 more than the normal CD set, only 30.000 of these will be produced.

On sale starting December 8th, the drive will also include a 13 minute documentary about all of the studio albums as well as original UK album art, rare photos, and expanded liner notes.

I think Anvil needs one of these.

[via TechTree]


Jeff B