What we once called a gadget rumor back in May turns out to be very much correct, folks–recently verified by a long and tortuous process that includes a French Sega web site discovering an internal Sony memo, the Sony motion-capture controller has been confirmed.

And what’s more, it’ll launch this spring.

The leaked memo described Sony’s attempt to license various Dreamcast games for Sony’s systems, but also presented an interoperability feature between the Sony PSP and the Playstation 3, as well as a Sony launch in Japan, slated for March, for the motion-capture controller.

From there, suppositions were made that suggest the motion capture device is intended to work not only with the Playstation 3, but also with the PSP, since the two are working towards interoperability.

It’s big news, folks, and it’ll pose the kind of thing we’ll need to keep an eye on for months to come.