Gadget Rumor: Xbox 360 Price Cuts Detailed In Meijer Catalogue

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2 Comments to Gadget Rumor: Xbox 360 Price Cuts Detailed In Meijer Catalogue

  1. The XBox 360 is finished. Its power has been tapped, and Its run is over. It wasn’t meant to be more than a 4-5 year console, and here we are in the 4th year. Meanwhile, the PS3 was ALWAYS meant to be a 10 year console. It’s just beginning for the PS3. Uncharted (play it) was only said to have harnessed 30% of the consoles power, and that was an amazing game. With Blu-Ray, downloadable movies, a FREE online service (that matches Live in features) and a $299 price point, the PS3 is more than back in the game… it’s out for blood. Maybe Sony DID know what it was doing the whole time.

  2. Wooohoo!!! I thought Microsoft won’t do anything to compete with Sony’s PS3. Now the real game begins, will gamers prefer PS3 or Xbox? It’s gonna be a tough competition and definitely a good one to begin with. Aion Online will be launched soon so I guess I need to decide fast which console I should buy.

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