xbox 360 Elite

MicroSoft is contemplating digging a shallow grave for the 360 Elite console as retailers complain about its lackluster sales performance.  When the Elite first hit the shelves it had a hard drive capacity 100 Gb’s over the Premium’s 20 Gb’s and was the only console to have an HDMI out.  Now every 360 has an HDMI out and the Premium now boasts a 60 Gb hard drive.  So besides the attractive black hardware, the included HDMI cable, and 60 Gb’s more storage, there’s no difference between the Premium, and it’s $100 more.  100 dollars more for an extra 60 Gb’s you probably will never use and a HDMI cable?  Not worth it.  No official word on the Elite’s demise yet, but MicroSoft is also rumbling about an even larger hard drive to surpass the 120 Gb version, that will be available for purchase on Arcade and Premium systems.


Jeff B