psp 3000

The Sony PSP-4000 is reportedly coming in late 2009. The current update, the PSP-3000, has an improved LCD screen, built-in microphone and a PS button so I’d expect only an incremental update on the 4000. Perhaps a slightly larger screen, reduced form factor, and improved battery life? We’ll see.

But this is where it gets interesting: what happens after the PSP-4000. It’s rumored that developers are already coding for the next-gen “PSP2″. One can only guess as to the specs but here’s hoping that Sony, if they have any iota of sense, will completely nuke the UMD drive in favor of flash or solid state memory. Not only will this improve battery life but it’ll pave the way for digital content distribution.

Sony, if you’re listening, ramp up the built in memory, reduce the footprint, spruce it up with a nice touchscreen, and above all KISS (Keep It Simple Sony).