Nintendo Wii Release Date

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396 Comments to Nintendo Wii Release Date

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  5. what da wtat this is wicked i got i 4 x mas i got twilight princess. What its really scary and fun PLz dont criticize the wii especailly when its somting bad

  6. well i think the names a bit off putting but god i cant wait for it to come out in england .. when does it come out in england ?
    i wanna get it for the new zelda game * druls * and the controler looks amazing

  7. The thing is crap.
    Im taking mine back, it really sucks.
    Save up for the PS3…..
    You’ll get fed up of this rubbish on the first day.. im sure.


  8. anyone have any idea when (and if) they are releasing more of the wii consoles ? As of November 28th , there are none to be had anywhere.

  9. nintendo wii owns the ps3 ill tell u why wireless remotes the game piks up the signal baaam u gotta revoulution plus may not be hd (high definition) but its actually clearer than the ps3 ive got both! =)

  10. to let evreyone know the nintendo wii comes out in the uk in 2006 some time around december hope this helps =)

  11. I cant wait for the nintendo wii to come out. I wont be able to buy it for a lonhg while but ill still save. Its like $285 for me in Canada. but that still beats the ps3 and 360 price. And even if the graphics aint that great you don’t realy need all them stunnin edge graphics to have fun. And i dotn play on the online anyway so for me theres no downsides unless you need some high definition t.v because i dotn have the money for that i used to live in a trailer in village and i dont have that kinda money.

  12. Hey, it it requirred to have a preorder to get one…. or is it just a better chance of getting one? someone help me out or email me at mikelseverson….. and one more question so it coming out at midnight?

  13. scott wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    dude this rocks im going to camp tonight and tomarrow we are going to get 2 to sell them and my 2 friends are getting 2 and my dad might get 2 im going to play it all day long for ever lol thats what i said about xbox 360 and ps3 but ps3 from 1 day is boring now its wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lol well c ya

  14. super sahwn

    the tuth is …is it is coming out on november 18th (that s the ate officially said by nintendo, this things gonna be sick!!!!!!!!!!!)

  15. hey huever wrote comment 371 is so wrong, the wii has the same graphics quality as the 360 or ps3, but the resolution isnt as high so that it can be played on smaller tvs, plus the ps3 is nowhere near as good as the gamcube, coz its got the same graphics card in it as a dreamcast, and they were made years ago!!! lol p.s i have a dreamcast and i think there mint, so no disrespect to sega

  16. hey, i dunno bout anyone else but im so excited bout the release of the wii, but i cant seem to find the release date on many sites :( good job i found this one.

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  18. Why does everyone say i have no freakin’ social life? I HAVE FRIENDS, OK?!

    Bloody American mockingcrow.

  19. hi its jack i need to know the exsact dates of the nintendo WII because i am a big fan of nintendo and i am planing on bying a nintendo WII with out it im nothing !nothing!

  20. Guy who is sick of Europe

    im a sad loner who has no friends or a social life. I also hate my self because i no i should of don some thing better with my life than moaning about europe

  21. Guy who is sick of Europe

    Nintendo seriously hates Europe. Really. Take Pokemon for example. Now name one way how a guy could get Deoxys without having to travel/cheat/hack. NONE! Europe sucks! I live in Europe and I’m sick of it! The only reasons Europeans went to found America were because Europe sucked and they wanted to make a better country. Plus, all of you british people who are making stupid comebacks involving soccer, well that’s the only sport you play, other than rugby/cricket which is only played in like 10 FREAKING COUNTRIES! Plus, your sports teams don’t have gimmicks, I mean what is this Liverpool crap? THEY’RE CALLED LIVERPOOL AND NOTHING ELSE, HOW BORING IS THAT?! Plus, at least Americans aren’t as obsessed with sport as the Europeans! EXPLAIN SOCCER RIOTS! Enough with sport, remember E-reader? That piece of crap would have helped a lot of gamers’ dilemmas, but Nintendo had to cancel it! Why? Because Europe sucks. I mean, just because you have to release it later due to translation and all that, but how come Australia had Animal Crossing like ONE YEAR BEFORE ENGLAND, ANOTHER ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY?! You know why more Europeans like Microsoft better than Nintendo(I don’t like Microsoft)? Because at least they have earlier release dates. Plus, because of localisation, Ape Escape ‘P’ was butchered with this British accent crap. If Nintendo wants to sell better, they should at least GET ON WITH THE DAMN LOCALISATION INSTEAD OF TAKING SO DAMN LONG!!!

    In other words, EUROPE SUCKS!

  22. freddymcgee

    I’m a real games freak. I’m sixteen years old, and I have a Gameboy Color, a Gameboy Pocket, a Gameboy Advance, a Gameboy Advance SP, a Nintendo DS and a DS lite, a Nintendo, a Super Nintendo, and a Gamecube. I live in Perth, Australia, and I really badly want to know which day the Wii is releasing in Australia so that I can buy one the first day it comes out. Thanks alot!

  23. Game enthusiast

    I think i will buy both the PS3 becuz of the Final Fantasy series and its Blue Ray player and the Wii becus of ZELDA !!

  24. Tyler Shafer

    Dude i love the Wii…..i wanna super smash bros game for it…….i am buyin a PS3 but i think i will buy the PS3 and only use it once because the Wii is 10000000 times better than the PS3

  25. ok i now know when wifi comes out but when will super smash bros brawl be coming out i am a big fan of super smash bros and i was rly wonderin so i cna ask my mom when to get it for me

  26. THe controller looks really awkward and not like it would fit nicely in your hands like a PS2/PS3 controller, or n64 and stuff.. I hope they have alternate controllers compared to the.. chanel changer controller.. Otherwise im going for the Wii first, and saying screw ps3 up the ass, tis cheaper, and has Zelda, Mario Glaxy, and friggin Smash Bros Brawl. Wii won me on the games man, WHOOT Wii!!! (minus the controler) WHOOT!

  27. the wii got this conection thing that lets surf the net and go on sites like google and ask. It also has its own kind of msn so u can talk to your friends online. The wii’s gonna b gr8

  28. For me its all about games. Ive always bought a machine for a game. Most of my favourite games have been on Nintendo consoles. Gun Smoke, Super Street Fighter, Mario Kart, Mario World, Goldeneye, Waverace, Mario 64, Pilot Wings, Metriod Prime etc.
    Other computers/consoles have made great games too. Like Pitfall, Manic Miner, Bubble Bobble, Doom, Half Life, Colin Mcrea (pc), Virtual Tennis, Revolt, Soul Calibur, Halo, Tony Hawks. For me the only decent game the PS1 created was Tekken. All the others were mediocre. Hundreds of games and all boring. Thats the reason I never got the PS2 because the gameplay on sony machines is unpolished. Jitter, Jitter.
    The dreamcast was better than the PS2 for Virtua Tennis alone.

    PS3 is going to be a PS2 with the same graphics as the xbox 360. Who wants to pay all the money for that. I really cant understand the interest in playstations. Flash demos, crap games. Who wants overpiced over paranoid Blue Ray. HD-DVD beats it on quality on every film released to date for half the price. I want a machine to play games as I have a standalone dvd player for films.

    BIG UP yourself Nintendo!
    The new systems is going to breath fresh air into games, instead of the same old stuff with better graphics.

  29. superjames

    They better be making another halo because Im stuck on the second halo. Also a shout out to the new supersmashbros.brawl.
    I WILL OWN ON THE NINTENDO WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. wii master

    comment 337 that is not the offical wii master ME so listen every one that belived him dont he’s an imposter

  31. phico ciico siico cyco ahh fuk dat

    dam it i wish they could bring it out on december 15th my bday woo :) or christmas eve:)

  32. comes out 8 days before my birthday too. Happy Birthday to me as well!!! :) Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me.

  33. ok were gona get our $249 worth with the wii. ITS A COMPUTOR. you get weather for the world you can edit pictures and movies. create your on person this feature is called mii and the menu screen is amazing if you dont belive me check out the

  34. i reeeeeally want WII..i just got an email saying it’ll be released in the UK December 8 w0000t which is ma sis bday ^^ n waaaaaaay befor xmas im s0000000000000 happy (gues i sound retarted XD)
    so for anyone who live in the UK..

  35. the wii looks well good so much stuff i waqnt i want i want i want gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi red steal, wii sports, madden, hammer. gimmi gimmi beeb give me u mother beeb or ill kill my bbep self gimmie pla i’m going die beep beep beep release erlia

    for a second house consol it’s gonna kick all you motther fukng noobs i want gimmie ALL LIVE REVALVS AROUND GAMES get it right beeb beeb i want

    waawwawawa release erlia

  36. alex ur a retard: wut kind of comment is that? “ull be treated like a girl.” the 360 has better graphics, better gameplay from wut ive seen, even if it costs more…wii focused more on game attraction for all ages than graphiccs etc…of course itll be lower priced…i dont deny that some of the games look cool and fun…im just sayin that i believe the 360 will come out on top, based on more than price of console…so stfu and dont tell me how and wut 2 do dumba$$…

  37. icedawgg,

    your comment has absolutely no ground. Wii is not out yet and yet you say that xbox 360 is better? What do you base your comparison on? I said that wii won based on the only known fact about the system – it’s going to cost significantly less then xbox360 or ps3.

    Just an advice: don’t just say the first thing that comes to your mind, be ready to back it up with a valid argument. Otherwise you’ll be treated like a girl.

  38. mrandersonjr

    pplz!the nintendo wii release date will be comming in a couple of days keep ure eyes peeled!plus:ps3 is okay but the price is too high.and xbox360 i c alot of rich preppy biznotches that have it and are shoving halo in my face!when i git a wii ill rub redsteel in their faces.thisi s there minds:”shoulda gotten a wii”this is there face when i show them the wii o.O! and this is there face when they realize they made a wrong choice >=0

  39. and btw Alex (comment 304) the Wii hasnt won…xbox 360 is better…the PS3 will be coo…but the Wii is going to beat sony only cuz the PS3 has beeen delayed for release again as far as number of unitss for america: only 400,000…loser…

  40. sharksfolife

    ya man i agree wit u (guy who put comment #310) unlike some ppl, i and obviously u have a life…i like video games but its not an obsession like some ppl

  41. november 6th? thats coo its coo…the games for the wii look pretty fun…im lookin 4ward to SSBB…pretty sick game…however unlike the guy whose comment was #309: i can wait: my life doesnt revolve around video games

    BY 06/09/15 ON http://WWW.WII-RELEASE-DATE.COM I CAN NOT WHAT WII WILL WII WILL ROCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I am sooooooooooo fricken psyched to get the wii!!! I’ve been waiting ever since it’s been announced it was coming out!!! I want 1 soooo flippen bad!

  44. Wow… I lurve this system.. The only problem for me is the fact that I have to convince my parents to get this system. Yes… I have no saying in my family xD

  45. I’m getting very anxious. I can’t wait until the day the Teen Center I go to gets one. I may be able to do co-op or verse some of you via DSL from there. People that dislike this system need to check for a pulse because this this is just the beginning for games getting real!

  46. Wii already won against the competition with a pricepoint: if you can afford to spend $500 on xbox or ps3 you can definatly afford to get a $200 system that has a “cool” factor. I don’t think there should be a wii vs ps3 vs xbox, it will be more along the lines of ps3 or xbox in addition to wii?

    PS is able to offer a huge lineup and great rpgs and xbox offers state of the art online experience.

  47. its not coming out in september there realeasing the realease date in september arcording do wikipedia anyway

  48. I dont think its coming out november I think there going to surprise everyone and reallase the nintndo wii in october and I think its probley going to be 150.00 or maybe 200.00 dollars

  49. reference to #18

    shut the hell up michael..
    if your going to say that, at least give details.
    in my opinion, Wii will dominate the PS3. Playing the first super smas bros. will be awesome.

    NOV 6 sounds nice =D

  50. I will be buying my 11 year old daughter this system for christmas. She has a cube and will buy this for the same reason I bought her a cube when she was 6. VERY kid friendly games young children don’t need the violent games. I am OK with Smash Bros. type of games but don’t need the reality type blood, guts and gore. I’m glad it will play all her cube games as well. Her cube just broke so I hope I am tough enough to get one( The game stores claim they will be hard to come by) and stong enough to wait to give it to her for christmas.

  51. Hey, I was wondering if th wii will have some sort of online game playing. Like playing brawl online would be amazing. Since im so much better than my bros. and most people in my neighborhood no one plays with me lol. So yeah im just wondering is the Wii going to have anything like online.

  52. I’m about to put it straight to you guys… And hopefully end this pointless discussion. I used to be closely tied into game development, not so much anymore… and here’s my take on things.

    The difference between Nintendo and its competitors (Microsoft/Sony) is that Nintendo is an actual game development company that also happens to make their own console hardware, whereas, Sony and Microsoft have third parties create their games. Yes, even those titles that boldly say Microsoft is actually made by other companies once you read the small print.

    What exactly does this mean? Well, lets use the PS2 as an example, I don’t understand this exactly, but supposedly Sony thought they’d be really clever and support multiprocessing by splitting something into two (or it could be cpu/gpu), as I said, I don’t know the exact details… okay, here’s the thing though, at a dinner party between a bunch of developers, they were talking about how impossible it is to effectively utilise both at the same time – which is exactly why it was split off into two in the first place… this seems to be a problem… Where did it originate? With the fact that they don’t know anything about creating games, so all they’re doing is trying to put together a system they believe is powerful, and with a few limited demos created by them, they think the system has been tested. Well, it doesn’t work that way, and Microsoft is guilty of the exact same thing. They don’t really know if their systems will even work once introduced to actual gaming conditions. (If anyone knows the exact story, please write about it on here, I have to be honest and say I was paying more attention to the food than the discussion)

    Now lets look at Nintendo, they make launch titles for their consoles as it is being developed and prototyped. This means that by the time the system is out, most of the problems will already be sorted out, and the system will be perfect for game developers, rather than throwing half a dozen cores at a programmer and hoping someone can make good use of it. In other words, Nintendo makes a system they themselves would want to develop on, and play on, and that it will do this really well by the time it is released.

    Take care. Sorry if this chat seemed a bit random, but I’m just giving my views on things…

  53. nintendo has confirmed it to it says that the wii launched will be forwarded to the game launch dates. shows you the release dates of all the games that will be with the wii. they are in november so the wii launch date is in november. why would they release it in october when all the games and software come out in november?

  54. DUDE I CANT WAIT. WHEN EVER THEY WANT MY MONEY IM GETING IT. 200 dollars is nothing for somthing that can play 24 years ago of systems like nes and gamecube. NOVEMBER 6 IS SO CLOSE AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH THE SUsPENSION IS KILLING ME AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.

  55. The nintendo wii is amazing. i was one of only 11 children to try it so far because my father, ( ishitori matsuki) is the brand developer for Ninendo.

    i played demo games that will not be released for the wii.
    the demo baseball game was sensational, your able to pick players you want on your team and start a single person career mode. ( i picked Tadahito Iguchi :), the game allows you to swing the bat as if you were playing. to pitch you have to use the controller and make a sideways motion.. the price is going to be 19969 yen, which is around 190-200 dollars U.S if i did my math right.

  56. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! november 6th my birthday is november 3rdi waws hoping for the rumored nov 2 releasedate im very sad now:(

  57. Ive always been a nintendo person, this item looks so unique, i cant wait. Ive also faded out of the gaming era, so idk for sure if im going to buy or just try someone elses before i do so….but i am looking into it

  58. The most recent rumor is that Wii will be out Oct. 2nd, and will cost $174.99
    That would be awesome.
    I am praying that that will be the date and price because I have saved up $234.47.
    That would leave me plenty of money for extra controllers and games.
    Later, y’all
    (Yes i am from Texas. Dallas)

  59. man u should buy a xbox 360 and a wii as second just becoz the xbox 360 have very good games try out battle field 2 modern combat the cpu have so much intelligence

  60. For those of you worrying about the delayed release date for the UK and Europe, I saw on (the Wii page) that a “nintendo official” said that the Wii release dates worldwide will all be within 4 months of one another. (The site also has the release titles for Wii, including Super Smash Bros Brawl, LoZ Twilight Princess, and my most anticipated game, Marvel Ultimate Alliance!! :)

  61. budweiser10

    The price would be perfect at $199 or even $222! But at $250 plus tax that might be too high. You will have to purchase additional controlers and at least one or two games!

  62. budweiser8

    FamishedLemur i think u did a great job but i dont think it matters if u have proper grammer in stuff like this
    and wiimaster im with ya viva la canada!!!!!!!!
    (execpt the french i HATE the frnch)

  63. budweiser8

    i like the fact that nintendo has made a breakthrough in the gaming industry,but wats with the dumass name?i think revoloution was a fine name!!p.s.rob ur a a asshole

  64. budweiser8

    im in canada,do u think the wii will come out nov. 6 in canada as well??p.s. PS3 stole spiderman’s font.thiefs!!!!

  65. Matt Williams

    I live in australia, and a disgruntled mintendo rep told me we’d be getting it around october 27

  66. why not november 12, i want it to come out sooner, but if you’re going by wii being v v i i roman numerals they add up to 12 and thats one of the suggested dates november 12

  67. mystery man

    i defernatly think wii will be out around the same time as the ps3 because the rivaly has bee going on 4 years between nintendo and sony and normally sony r better but this time nintendo have proofed there selfs 2 be the best GOOD ON THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. i need the wii to come out before november 25 in the uk. so hopefully the date is world wide,, also i heard nintendo will announce the release dat in september sometime.

  69. Heh i hope so……….thing is everytime when i think they are gonna release something on a date when they didnt say the official date of the Wii makes me feel unsure =( BUT I think that this system will rule over a lot of the games for ps3 and Xbox 360 lol like super smash brothers brawl =D, we just better hope that the system coming out early wont be like the Xbox 360 blowing up and glitching while playing games XDDD. But im pretty sure the rumors are true cause they say that legend of zelda is coming out on november so that means that the WII is coming out on the same time the game is =DDDD.

  70. wii Master

    Brian what if each letter in wii repersenting 1 number so v v I I so the it would be october 11 either way the wii is going to kick but

  71. I heard that its going to be October 2nd too but do you really think they would change the name just to make a “code” of the release date? Other than that the WII IS GOING TO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Most likely the release date is going to be october 2nd. As Nintendo said, “Perhaps the secret to the launch information for Wii is somehow encoded in the text of this news item.” Take the name Wii, split it into roman numerals V V I I, and there you go. V=5 I=1. 5+5 and 1+1 to get 10, 2; October 2nd.

  73. All of you who say the wii sucks and that the ps3 is better are f@#$%#g stupid because the wii is going to be like the best thing ever, but dont get me wrong I love sony and alot of their games but sony kind of rushed in developing the ps3 and with all that blue ray suff it’s making the ps3 way to expensive and I think they copied nintendo on putting a motion sensor in the controller even though that will probably make it way cooler. I will probably get a ps3 one day but for now I really want the wii because of the price and all the great games that will be coming out like super mario galaxy and the legend of zelda twilight princess. I also really like the wii’s controller.

  74. luis angel

    omg i want that wii now and with zelda the twilight princess.
    in the web i c the release date in november like 16 or 5 sometin like that and its prive its like 250 or less thats all i now nintendo guys!!!! cya

  75. AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am so glad i saved my b-day money

  76. Hey says that the pre-order for Red Steel will be released Nov. 1, im wonderin why THAT hasnt been blown up. Am i just missing something?

  77. For those of you who say that the PS3 is lower that the X-box…you’re wrong. Lets say I get a computer, then download all the games that microsoft has to offer, for the x-box…then i can just play them on my computer and not have to worry about paying the price for one, and you can’t get the PS3 games on the computer without them having to make an emulator and the ROM and all that crap. Even when they do make them, it would be crappy, because the PS3 graphics are so advanced. Wii and Sony will dominate, because Wii has the best multiplayer games and PS3 has the graphics by far…microsoft only has Halo. I’m sorry if this upsets some of you, but its the truth.

  78. the wii is supposed to have five games released at the same time e.g wii sports, need for speed carbon and mario dojo
    i cant wait only £150

  79. You guys are all gay, who cares which is better. You sound like a bunch of losers comparing a mac and a pc.

    Im buy a ps3 and a wii. And will enjoy them both.. As for the 360, 90% of games come out on pc. so i just play them on there.

  80. I am a game tester for Nintendo and the best part about it is that they give me the game system for free when they are finished with making it. And when they wanna make adjustments, they take it and replace it. I have the Wii and Zelda: The Twilight Prinsess (or however you spell it), and by playing it and beating the first half of the game(they are not finished with the second half and they will give it to me when they are done)i think that it will be the most anticipated Zelda game EVER!

  81. Marco Polo

    I would also like to say that yesterday was my birthday and that i know i will get more than 200 dollars for my birthday…YAY

  82. Marco Polo

    I’m fine with the date. But all I really want to know is how much the game is going to be worth because I want to save up for it and buy it for my family and I. I would also like to point out some other features that Nintendo says that the Wii will have. but before I do, I would like to say that I didn’t say this, it was on”Four ports for classic Nintendo GameCube controllers. Two slots for Nintendo GameCube Memory Cards. An AV Multi-output port for component, composite or S-video.”

  83. Dylan Huschka

    Dude i can’t wait for ii november 6th sounds good the games look sweet and everything about it looks sweet just hook me up with one one of the first would be nice i would even take one after alot of otherse get one just as long as i get one

  84. FamishedLemur, I’m pretty sure that you are retarded. LOL You think that your IBM computer has an IBM processor in it? You are funny. It has an Intel processor, just like almost every other Windows-based home computer. Yes, I know that many have AMD processors and that there are MACs and a few others. I agree that the Wii is probably going to be a great system and I will be pre-ordering one myself. You don’t have to convince us by telling us your bad experiance with an NVIDIA card, and how great your ATI card is. LOL You are too funny. Also, Blu-ray can not hold 10x as much as HD-DVD, it can hold a little over 2x as much, but does it really matter that much for movies? We will see.

    I don’t want to get into everything that you rambled about, but it really bugs me when someone starts bad-mouthing someones grammar. Especially when they have tons of grammatical errors in their own post.

    Have a good one……

  85. wii master if canadians can do things better than americans, (off topic) but can you give me head,i haven”t seen my girl in a while.

  86. FamishedLemur

    Well, of all the comments on this board there were several that need to be addressed, as well as just some general news about the Wii. So to begin, Ty- I don’t understand how you could possibly think that Super Smash Bros. is a game for 8yr olds. Animal Crossing(which is fun, don’t get me wrong) is set up for 8yr olds. Super Smash on the other hand is not. It is very idiotic to think it is. Also, Yonash- YOU SHOULD NEVER BUY A PREBUILT COMPUTER!(you always get more out of what you pay for, if you have a custom built comp) I have a better computer than that alienware, and i only spent about 750$. Yes it is more expensive than the PS3, but up until the wii, and super smash, i play on the comp,although i have played N64 and SNES as well as NES. You should never use the comment 3000$ on a prebuilt. If you were to pay 3000$ for a custom built comp, i think the thing would be able to cook you breakfast, and most certainly eat the PS3 for breakfast. Next David- -“are you willing to exersize every time you play the Wii.” For starters it helps to be grammatically correct when you type. Also, there is a controller adapter that helps with just such a situation, it looks like a gamecube controller and you slide the wii controller into it like you would a memory card on a sega dreamcast. And finally Tony tony tony. -“Hd-dvd is killing blueray at half the price in picture quality” Wow. Blueray is so much better than HD-DVD and it carries about 10 TIMES MORE DATA! Please research your info b4 you post it.
    So now to the wii. It will be simply amazing. The PS3 will prolly hold the closest competition, just because sony has so many fans under its belt that are willing to pay pretty much anything for this next system. Sony knows this, therefore they raise the price. Well, what about the base version for 500$, you might say. Don’t waste your money with it. It can’t even connect to the internet. Which you could be two Wii’s for the price of this and both would be able to connect to both each other, and the internet wirelessly. Also, the Wii, has an SD memory slot, meaning that if Nintendo allows, which i am sure they will, you can add an expansion that could add 2 more gigs of RAM, pushing it way past the PS3. Now in truth i shouldn’t even be comparing the Wii to the PS3. the WIi is not a direct competitor of the PS3 or the XBOX 360. Why? you might ask. Simple. Because the controller. Just like the DS is not a direct competitor of the PSP. Now, it is considered so most likely because it is a console gaming system along w/ PS3 and the XBOX360. Now microsoft has tried to hold the lead, but they are losing it. The 360 was a complete flop. It was more like an update of the original XBOX. Now my opinion might be heavly biassed due to the fact that i have 360 graphics on my comp, but i like using a mouse so much more. The only game that will be half way almost decent is halo 3 but i can almost gauruntee it’s going to be expensive when it comes out. W/o halo, XBOX is nothing. Look at it. Sony has beaten PGR w/ Grand Turismo. I know so many more people who would rather save 200$ and play GT, than play PGR. My opinion is most racing games are pretty much the same. You can find sports games on any console. But that is the general populace. Those are the people who would rather pay 600$ for the PS3 which i don’t really understand. I kind of was humbled by the size(of the wii). I was picking up my games after my little brother and saw that i fit the three GC cases very easily next to each other on my small little game shelf. That is about the size of the wii. I have played a 360 and i have picked it up, and other than the fact that it was quite large, and loud, along with bulky and not very aesthetic, it weighed about 20lbs….

    I don’t know about you guys, but i would prefer a lighter and most definetly more efficient system. Did i mention that while the wii is in standby mode, i have reason to believe, it takes up less energy than a 1watt lightbulb. Now i would like to see sony pull that out of their butts. I would not be suprised a bit if the PS3 was just as bulky and inefficient as the 360. Now to be honest i can’t really bash the PS3 b/c i haven’t played it. But the XBOX on the other hand, i can. They have already reached its limits graphics wise, because while playing football, i noticed it could not handle the jeering crowds with the snow falling. …..But it boasts of such high proccessing power? Also, if it had an ATI video card(like the wii will have) it might be a little better and solve the overheating problem, b/c NVidia make pretty powerful video cards, but they are notorious for overheating and pretty much melting parts inside. I had an Nvidia GeForce 4 FX 5700 128mb video card went out in about 6 months. Had an ATI Radeon X700 PRO256mb ever since(2yrs) and not a problem. The wii is also having its proccessor done by IBM. I have a 6yr old IBM comp that plays W.o.W.(world of warcraft, and pretty recent game w/ pretty good graphics) on 1280 x 1024 graphics…That’s pretty powerful. So hopefully IBM hasn’t lost their touch. I here a lot of griping about the graphics on this system(the wii). It dissappoints me. I mean look at Resident Evil. Final Fantasy Crystal Cronicles. I thought the graphics were excellent for those games on the GC. Now imagine them on the Wii. I have seen Excite Truck, and that looks nice. You also have to keep in mind the fact that the longer a system is out, the more time the programmers have to program better graphics. I am sure the graphics capabilities will be magnificant for it. What have i missed…ahh yes, on to all these people saying Nintendo is losing money. FALSE! Yep that’s right, Nintendo has NEVER lost sales. They are being compared to the rapid growth of XBOX. Nintendo, i believe, is ruining sony in japan. It sold more DS’s than sony did PS2’s. lol..i laugh at you sony. Don’t be worried about the motion senser. It’s weak and will prolly just be used for games like racing. None of the wonderful FPS capabilities that the wii has. Well to sum it up, the WIi will prolly beat out the PS2 in sales, but not by much, just because sony has so many hardcore fans. XBOX has already lost. They just didn’t have enough of a change between the original and the 360. Later folks.

  87. wne the F*** is this thing commin out i have every1 system thats out i even have NES i want this im a nintendo freak and i want the new super smash bros. the last 2 wer awesome

  88. wammyflammy

    oh sorry forgot, the best site to go to for info is yes .NET dont mistake that. ok im done and this release dtae is old news. ill just check back for comments

  89. wammyflammy

    hey people suprise! i have sum sweet news for pokemon fans. sometime in 2007, pokemon battle revolution will be released for the wii! you may bow in awe. nnow anyway go search fr it to find the nitty gritty. i cant recite irt all. and on a side note, okemon diamond/pearl is set to coem out in 2007 too (2 games not 1) and you cna transfer all of your pokemon form ruby, firered saphire, leafgreen, and some other set but i cant remeber rofflers. oh yeah emerald. and one more thing, you cnal ink with revolution to battle. im stedily running out of things to say so il end my posting with aq simple, pokemon will rock in 2007. and im done. bye. stop reading. if you read this last sentence, it wotn tell you anything. see?

  90. man this is so sweet i am gonna start saving my money…this is gonna bring nintendo out of their losing streak with microsoft and sony…even though i am a big supporter of nintendo stuff

  91. wammyflammy

    also, excuse my spelling errors. i blame my keyboard. and my crappy typing skills but stil if you cna read my last post, i commend you

  92. wammyflammy

    totally. adn i gotta stop postin before i start to look like a compu geek. i just check bakc hee when go on, andidont knwo abotu florida, but tis damn hto to be outside. it was 36 yesterday! much too bot to go outside. peace (-.-)

  93. Captain Jackson

    I’ve read most of the comments on the board as I’ve been browsing around the net…. and I noticed that a few people were concerned about the lack of titles that will be available for Wii….but you have to think about it like this….. the reason Nintendo has lost so many 3rd party developers is because the 3rd party companies like Capcom and Konami etc… have sold out to bigger companies who’s only concern is how much money they can make, not how much game they can make….look at Rare… they developed Goldeneye and Perfect Dark (among many), two of Nintendos best selling games and then sold out to Microsoft for the money… but honestly I believe a 100% that the 3rd party developers will return to Nintendo for this new system I mean think about it. Whether they are trying to make money or great games, they can’t go wrong with Nintendo…. the new system, really is revolutionary…. I mean personally I can’t wait to freakin’ sword fight with this controller as well as play the first person shooters coming out for it and actually be able to aim at the screen where I wanna shoot… and shit, after I long day in the warehouse where I work, I wouldn’t mind coming home and playing a fishing game where the controller actually responds like an actual fishing rod….. I mean come on….and on top of that you have an immense library of older games that will be downloable from the NES SNES Sega Genesis N64 and Turbo Grafix 16…. so for the people that have said that…. “Nintendo hasn’t really anything major with this new system” you really need to take a look at the info…. so in short…. dont worry about games…. the developers will come in hordes to develop new games with this new technology, its just the way things work…. and the graphics are better than gamecubes…. which are fine as they are so…. personally, I dont have a single concern and hopefully this will squash anybody else’s concerns as well….. later

  94. wammyflammy

    im back again. compu keeps freezin ita hard to get here. my comp sucks. but i still think novemba 6th would be good if its right
    i could have it for my birthday

  95. yeah the name Wii sucks… they should’ve kept the project name.. I hope it comes out this year in england tho… i soo looking forward to the legend of zelda: the twilight princess. looks like its gonna gonna be another amazing Zelda game

  96. any and every one the wii should have a different name… me and my bro call it the relolution cuz thats what the projects name was………………..

  97. i read some of your comments… the Wii will hit the top cuz nintendo has had true hard core gamers before xbox and play station for game i havent look but i know a couple super mario galaxy, zelda twilight princess,super smash bros brawl, and i dont know the name but there will be another fire emblem for the wii… xbox 360 will bring up the rear as 3rd, ps3 2nd and, leading the way in first place will be the Nintendo Wii


    So does this mean that the WII will b released in 2007 for the UK. Men i sold my cube an ps2 to wait a whole year for this???? How much will it cost? is the question really.

  99. wammyflammy

    see? well i probobly wotn make another post for night so PEACE people! (P S anyone smart cna think thru my posts youll see sumthin)

  100. boardrunner

    man what r all you guys getting so hyped up about? sure wammy made some.. unsettling comments but still dotn just attack him. i mean, he was olny retaliating. dont spam him for that jeeze. you guys should be the ones kicked for that. like genocuide. he wont coem back cor another week or 2. so anyway PEACE!

  101. wammyflammy

    if your checking back regualrily to see what i say, ill knwo. i haves meself a spy on MSN who watches ova da board. hell tell me what comments im getting hehehehe. however lets get back on topic, the release date is not tre entirly, but i thinjk it will be a worldwide release. bbl

  102. wammyflammy

    also hey spammers, all i was doing was retliating against his insult to me/ my friend. so please, stfu you idiots. man howe did you find the oen legitimate board that io lied to screw up?? and 2 more questions, 1 wtf in trans 2 who tf is mj?! answer me. you know you wannnt to

  103. i also think your a fag and agree with gooser so you can shut the fuck up wammyflammy. so go fucks yourself

  104. wammyflammy

    (pppps final post till sumoen else posts but if anyone knows fuckyoujamie, give him a good drill thru his tiny bald cock. ho and ask him where he put his balls, and to tell me when he finds him. of lal the dumb children on this board, the one that happens to eggagerate says sumthin stupid.losors)

  105. wammyflammy

    (pps: i just finished reading all the posts, and form whaty i can tell, gooser should leave unless he wants to be hunted down by russian assasins. just a thought) (ppps. sorry ready your post wrong, its not the reading of harry potterm, its the bieng like him. a k a HARRY POTTER ISNT COOL NUMNUTS!! man what are you,6? my my 6 and swearing. such a quick mistake young child.)

  106. wammyflammy

    ?wtf?!?!? who the hell says bloodey? first of all i wa born in raised in manitoba, second, how the fu ck am i a fag? go piss on yourslef you stupid ho. (P.S. if readign harry potter makes you cool, thne ciggarettes are safe if 10 packs smoked a day -.-



  109. wammyflammy

    sorry botu a third posti forgot, NOONE HATESS NINTENDO YOU DOLTS!!!!! and hey, you said every american likes xbox. what apbut my friends little sis,\
    shes american, and she hates microsoft with a bloody passion.
    so all of you peesee and xpox063 cna go stick a derode old non creative contrller down your throughts. nintdo ahs laways rocked and now there gonna get the xbox and ps3 thrown off the shelves!! wii will wii will ROCK YOU!!

  110. wammyflammy

    oh and on another side note, ps3 is too overpriced. its like buying a log of crap for 100$. you cna get it cheap-as-free byu pooping it out. ill keep posting form time to time ntil i cn figd a CONFIRMED datre of release. keep on checkin back!!

  111. wammyflammy

    not legitimate info at all. ive seen 3 “possible” release date for the wii and this one is flying around the most. its defintly not FOR SURE the real release date but there isa chance. the three ive heard (all form differentr sites) are a: late september b: november 6 or early october (found form attakc of the show, thier info is always right usually) oh and for the answer to wiimasters question, there is four lights on the wii contrller main piece, and oen will light up corresponding to the number ofr contrller used, and on a side note, microsoft and sony are not ahead of nintendo, theyre behing in wolrd sales. so stick a ****in sock in it you cows

  112. no matter what ahyone says microsoft is going to win. every american loves xbox and alot people hate nintendo

  113. PS3 is gonna wipe this hunk a junk outa the world….Socom 4 life….brap-brap…nintendo has sucked and always will

  114. wii Master

    i think i need to raise an important ?. how will we know which controler is player 2 or player 1? because there wireless. just thought id ask

  115. Sam Brown

    Th wii will kick sony and microsoft out of the rackce you can do everything t with the wii and ps3 is not much difference to the ps2 and there bloomin shloud be at that price ($599) my opinon is the wii will beat al the other consoles and for less price and thats there all is to it ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  116. wii Master

    the PS3 delayed its release date so it could COPY nintendo motion sensor controler. The PS3’s controler is only motion sensitive to tilts so eat that PS3 fans. also nintendo copyrighted the motion senser controler thats why. the wii is going to kick but with the games that are coming out. sword fighting games are going to RULE

  117. ps3 is doomed even before the launch…
    death to ps3!!!
    just had a funny fantasy of miamoto bashing some sony dudes on the head with the wii controller.

  118. I would buy the Wii system for 250$ just for the fact that they are alllowing you to download a lot of the old nintendo classic games. Who doesnt get the urge to play the classic games they played years ago. The other reason is for Zelda, it looks like it is going to be like Zelda 64 Ocrina of Time but with 100 Times better graphics and game play and playing this game on the Wii will be much more exciting then on the Cube. I dont think that any companys “new systems” are ever that much better then one another. The preference in games is what makes up most peoples minds on what system to get.

  119. Sony and their blueray can go to hell. Hd-dvd is killing blueray at half the price in picture quality and Toshiba’s HD-DVD is doing exactly as it’s promised, where as Samsungs Blueray just mostly looks like a crappy upconverted dvd. Just wanted to let you sony fanboys out there what’s up. Go to the AVS forums and read about the blueray there, even the blueray fanboys are dissing it.

    Therefore how do we know we’re going to get quality on the ps3 with it’s blueray drive? How many ps2’s died on people after 1 year of use? $600 dollars for basically a multimedia computer? I got one of those already that would smoke a ps3, don’t even get me going on my specs, and yes it did cost me a few g’s, but that’s how hardcore gamer I am.

    I got a hd tv, but throwing $600 away on a system that will crap out on me in a year, and have inferior picture qualtiy for dvd’s to it’s rival hd-dvd format is not worth it. The games, yes, but like I said I got my own bad ass pc and would rather play fps/ and rpg’s on it.

    Now to the WII, with the new controller, the low cost, the wifi stuff, sounds really interesting. Can’t do much wrong with a low cost gaming system. The thing is people can trust Nintendo for putting out a system that they say it’s gonna do. Whereas PS3/ and XBOX can’t.

  120. blue collar

    dude this is going to be awsome!!!!!!!!!!! im loving this release date that means ill be able to make enough money from my busines in the next 3 weeks to get one!!!! i cant wait

  121. Use can all get fucked coz im in australia and ill get it last so go and get fucked u fucking wanker hole fucks.

  122. i make 50 dollars every two weeks and by the end of the summer im going to have enough money to bye a wii.

  123. wii Master

    i want super smash bros to come out on release dat that would be so Jawsome but its not so….. wii sports looks awsome thats a game that i will get

  124. murder by numbers

    just for the record this is for nintendo wii not soccer. And also for the record germany is going to win not england not america. and last note for the record america is full of cocky bastrads and no there not the best so shut up aobut it

  125. mariosavetheprincess

    yo im out .

    and just far the and that you all know im not a f***ing guy alright


  126. hey nintendo_grl quit your bitching november is just fine at least its coming out this year and its a whole lot cheaper than the ps3. Personally i think the wii is gonna rock. when it comes out im getting super smash bros. brawl,red steel, legend of zelda: twilight princess, and metroid prime 3. and i agree with earlier comments about the xbox 360 being a “graphically enhanced” xbox Im out ;)

  127. nintendo_grl

    sooner would be a he** of a lot better but hey what can I do about it so November it is

    (he** yeah)

  128. who cares

    I dont care if the wii cost a MILLION dollars I’ll buy it
    I mean the new controller is one of the best ideas ever!
    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WII ROCKS!!!!!!

  129. Im gonna get the Wii because it is different. You can spend under like 1000$ on a costom built computer thats top of the line and get graphics like the 360 and then once the ps3 comes out you can always upgrade your computer to be just as good and then in a couple of years your computer will have better graphics ne ways. Also many of the 360 and ps3 games are also for computer. Im not saying all the games you want to play are on computer but at least some of them are. With the wii most of the games are wii only. also the wii’s controller kicks ass its compleatly different. you really cant get anything else like it and for less than 250$. also who really cares about graphics. The grapics in a game like dance dance revolution arent amasing but the game is still really fun and challenging to play. so even if the wii graphics arent amasing ill probly have more playing the games than on the other systems. the wii rocks



  132. murder by numbers

    and i thought the 360 heating up to fast was a roumor…i dont know anyone who has one because my parents wont spend moeny on me and all my firends live in trailer parks and they dont even have internet…..

  133. murder by numbers

    who ever that guy is who said smash bros. is for little kids i say walk ur ass up to canada so i can kick it

  134. I Would get the Wii because they announced its going to be under 250$ and it can play old school Nintendo games you can get NES, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64 games on the Wii, and it comes with a old school style controller that they say you can use for all the old Nintendo games. I say that 250$ for all that is worth it. and Smash Bros. Brawl is exclusively for the Wii. And i talked to a guy that works at best buy he said august Zelda Twilight Princess comes out for Game Cube and november is the month the Wii supossed to come out. plus im not gonna pay 599$ for a PS3, and the Xbox 360 heats up too fast. So I say The Nintendo Wii is worth buying

  135. Whoo~ If it’s goning to be released 6th November over there, then I guess it’ll be released here like on march 2007.
    It would be cool if Square-Enix would get bored of sony and started to make all of their cool rpg’s on WII. If they ever made a sequel to Ehrgeiz… that would be so hot. Well at least if they would release any of their damned games in Europe.
    I’ve been a Nintendo-fan all my short little life. I started to play NES when I was four. I still play it occasionally, though most of the time I play GC.
    I’m definately going to get WII and most definately not a ps3.

  136. Can people on this site try and get all the facts before saying stupid things, some of the comments i have read on this site were meant for the dark ages, fanboys frustrate me more than anything in the world, even nintendo ones (i like nintendo). Ne way i do concur that nintendo wii is the system for me and i predict that nintendo will make big inroads into sony, mainly due to the 600 dollar price tag but i doubt that nintendo will overtake them, not in this generation at least. My first game will definately be super mario galaxy, looks awesome and the controls look very inuitive from what i saw in the ign video. Actually not that i think about it i’ll prob buy 3 or 4 games at launch with so many tried and tested first party games coming out near launch. Cheers guys

  137. WICKED SWEET, i totally cant wait till the Wii comes out…im gonna pre order mine whenever i finally can and i dont care how much the thing costs, im buying it…

    and im a true gamer, i dont care about graphics, i care about the experience of the game, which i think the Wii has alot to offer with its controller and ability to play classic nintendo favorites!!!

  138. Anonymous Coward

    “You only say that because you can’t afford $600 for the most graphically advanced system to date.?

    This got me so riled up that I forgot to make my point:

    “Second” most graphically advanced system to date, if that, when compared to a PC.

  139. Anonymous Coward

    I almost forgot to mention this about console FPS games, but the hit-boxes are ten times bigger than that of the same game on PC. This is done not only because paddles are far less accurate, but an easier game is more appealing to the console audience.

  140. Anonymous Coward

    “You only say that because you can’t afford $600 for the most graphically advanced system to date.”

    Don’t be too proud of this technological terror that you’ve mentioned. The ability to render a planet is insignificant next to the power of the GeForce…

    Seriously, “hardcore gamer” and “console” don’t even go in the same sentence. I’ll buy the Wii because the new Zelda game looks awesome, but as far as games (FPS/RTS/(MMO)RPG) are concerned, Sony can take their P$3 and shove it! I’ll invest that into my current PC and wind up with a system that not only kills it by playing REAL games on their highest settings with no drop is FPS and no need to subscribe to anything in order to play online (except for MMO’s, which I consider lame), but has a larger fan-base and superior controls than Gaylo and Master Qu**f. Also, Final Fantasy is over, it was a great console game, but all the real RPG’s are on the PC now as well (including the new, improved Final Fantasies).

    Anything the XBox or PS3 can do, a PC can do better, however the Wii is truly unique, and just may be worth the investment, especially seeing how it costs less and has better games than “competing consoles”. Halo is for beginner FPS gamers who are confused by the prospect of using a mouse instead of a paddle to aim. Step into the PC world and I’ll kick your butt from here to China. Damn straight I’m a PC fanboy, why wouldn’t I be, especially with the price ranges of modern consoles?

    The Wii’s controller seems to be more mouse-like, but not limited to two dimensions like a mouse. Keep an open mind, we may be seeing similar technology on PC’s some day soon, and those without it will likely be murdered in-game by those with it, much in the same way that a paddle is murdered by a mouse.

  141. I’m definately getting the Wii, although since there are soo many good games, i’ll be having a hard choosing a game, especially with games like SSB:B, Redsteel, Corruption, and maybe even Spore coming out.

  142. Spencer Kotte

    Oh yeah man its gointo rock nintendo said that they werent plannen on winning e3 but they probly will since the price is so cheap… IT WILL PROBLY BE EVERYONES SECONDARY SYSTEM SO IT WILL AT LEAST BEAT PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. Spencer Hanneman

    I love Nintendo since the super nintendo and i will wait for 3 or 4 years from now to own a nintendo wii so having as soon as november and being able to get the games for christmas is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. fan aswell

    I have just recently decided that im gonna get a Wii. It has been on my mind since 360 is a wash and PS2 is too expensive. I am just worried because i love Halo with all my heart along with Kingdom Hearts so I dont know how Im going to manage. I am still in the process of figuring things out but i may get a 360 after it becomes cheaper just so i can get Halo 3 nd i still dont know about Kingdom Hearts 3 and how I will be able to play it.. argh these decisions

  145. you are dumb. in the history of games the systems were just graphic updates. I do like Wii it is sick but are willing to exersize every time you play the Wii. me pesonly I’m just to buy them all. And I that much cash, and i dont mouch off my parents.

  146. Why november 6? I heard it will be out on september according to the news. Anyways smash bros brawl will own all.

  147. your guide to nintendo

    Does anybody here read the official nintendo magazine?
    It’s just that it sort of says that the Wii will be realeased at pretty much teh end of the yeat. It didn’t exactly say it but i was reading the realease dates for the games, and right at the bottom there was a LOAD of Wii games. It was the July 2006 editiion is anybody here does read the mag.

    But there’s no point in realeasing games without a console right?

  148. and has wii games listed three of them are for october 2nd but i heard that the wii is coming out november 6th.

  149. has wii games listed now — with two of them having release dates of October 4th, and three of them showing release dates of November 3rd.

  150. to me the wii is way better than the 360 and the ps3 put together.pluse i all ways been a nintendo fan.

  151. nov. 6 is awsome for me and the low price of $200 sounds good for me and my pocket i cant wait for the nintendo wii which by the way is way better than the ps3 or the crappy 360

  152. hey i like the look and the first game is get for Wii is Super Smash Bros. Brawl thats supposed to be very good.

  153. cool person

    wii is gonna KICK AZZZZZ! i recomend you guy’s get the wii because it is the future baby and it makes the other systems eat it’s dust ROFLMAO!! XD

  154. yoryos binas

    wii is great. i live in Greece and i will buy it from the first day it comes out. Hope they release it soon.

  155. I love nintendo and have never gone to another system.The games I love to play are resident evil 2,3,4, ea sport games, prince of persia and many other sweet games. lots of the stuff I read on nintendo sites is that most people love nintendo for super smash bros. Is it just me or did this game suck. Why is the first game that pops into 70% of the fans coments I read involve this game? Are all these nintendo sites for people 8 and under?.

  156. murder by numbers

    first year of high school and im going to get zero credits because i will be playing my new wii so much

  157. ShadowFace

    The best thing about England getting things last is that any problems U.S owners have with there consoles are fixed by the time we get them

    Chek Der Beat Der Cha!

  158. The Nintendo has quite a innovative way to play its new games. Such as the Motion Senser in the controllers. My opinion is 360 is shite because it has nothing special like with the Wii Motion Sensers and PS3 has Good graphic’s and what does the Xbox 360 have ……. nothing, thats right, NOTHING!!!! The 360 would get nowhere if the moron that screemed HALO didn’t exist LOL…… Halo is no different then any other shooter game!!!!! The Xbox does not diserve its place in the market The END………….

  159. well lets face it much as everyone agrees that sony missed the mark with the ps2 in terms of system power and decent games. software companies still think that it is the best option for them as sony sells more consoles than other companies even if they are crap just compare the gamecube and xbox to the dodgy ps2 for example. so for the time being i just hope that sony falls flat on its face with the ps3 and realises that some of us dont have £550 to spend on a console even if it does have blue ray (which to be honest i can live without). if you dont like sony buy a wii or an xbox 360 and i am sure that you wont be dissapointed.

  160. Mongolia D

    Im a big fan of game consoles myself, and a big fan of the Playstation range. However, recently i have been getting increasingly bored with my PS2, and from the PS3, i dont see that much differencve exact actual brawn and grapics between them, that and HDTV compatibility, so long as you buy the more expensive model.

    The Wii, on the other hand, is my must have concole. Its something completely different. I have the poorly marketed gametrak controller system for my PS2, and it has had more use than any other type of extra ive brought for any computer console, and i have them all. A 3-axial wireless version is going to be brilliant. That and the cheap price.

    PLus the fact last week Nintendo’s little patent came though giving them exclusive rights to online game messegining, so if they wante they could call for a complete overhaul to the XBoxLive system, although i dont think they will. God how i love international patents :P.

  161. This may sound random but in that samsh bros. site, it says there are “26” characters i thought there was only 25. PLease tell me if someones got 26 :(

  162. The Wii is going to be completely awesome. I’ll give an example. In he remote is a stereo, so in zelda, when you pull back your bow, you will hear the stretching sound in your ear as it goes by. Pure awesomeness.

  163. Hey Gamers……the wii looks like it delivers the next g force in current gaming in the nexct generatiion with everything that it can use like its colours and random images of people playing in tnegardens like little gnomes, everoine like s apuppieslike me and cats and poodles or nice people. Look after yourselves.

  164. BrianIngelbum

    I think nintendo have got their console just right, everyone will own a Wii and either an Xbox 360 or PS3. Nintendo will sell at lest 50 billion Wiis. At least.

  165. anti ps3 boy

    another reason i dislike ps3 is the fact that it copied nintendos strategy, which was making the console cheaper than it should be and the games more expensive then they should be. but ps3 has a system where you can download games to your hardrive, which is nothing compared to the size of other sytems’, and when you run out of memory you have to start buying blank blu-ray discs plus the price of the game to download, or buy memory card for a single game, then download a game on to that. AND THE CONSOLE STARTS OFF EXPENSIVE. you ps3 loving mother fuckers.
    anyway what are the good games on it. Wii has all the classics, plus the cool controller making up for it slightly worse graphics, 360 has halo, elder scrolls ect and good graphics, and by far the best internet connection, making games like halo trully blossum.

    And to all you people who say microsoft™ has nothing to really plug into the 360 its actually manufacturing its own kind of ipod™ as you read this.

  166. anti ps3 boy

    oh and by the way, xbox 360 is the best because it can get heaps of upgrades, making it equal if not better than other consoles, and has the best games if you actually research all the consoles and their games.

  167. anti ps3 boy

    you really cant judge any of the consoles by the way bias designers describe them, you have to experience them yourself, therefore you cant make remarks on how good something is until it comes out and you play it. especially you mother fucking ps3 fans.

    And yes, wii is backwards compatible with gamecube, and is bringing old favourites, and old games from former rivals like sega.

  168. Remy Lebeau

    Im getting WII just becasue it always by Nintendo, and PLaystation. But playstations controller sucks balls, its the same as the PS2 controller.

    But I dont understand Wii’s controller. What the heck are those 2 things. And The name Wii just sounds too asian. But i guess since they invented it…

  169. wOOOOOO WII

    Wii owns you all. go to and check out the Wii section and you will see what i mean.

    hope it doesnt need a good comp to dl games cuz my comp

  170. Hey people… I believe that the Wii will definitly be better then the three main consoles. X-box 360 is trash, PS3 looks awesome i want it so much, I’ve beaten all the FF’s 2 times at least. But $600…. Why dont we just all win the lottery and get it. That’s why I’m getting the Wii, I’m and even bigger Nintendo fan plus the cost is $300-$400 cheaper. Twilight Princess will kick ass, be as good or mayb better then the 2 classics on N64, (OOT, and Majora’s Mask). Though it does relate to majora’s mask because, turning into a wolf, and being turned into a deku scrub, i think nintendo could’ve been a lil more original. And Super Smash Bros Brawl, will be an awesome game. The 5 new characters are awesomse, and i love nintendo soo much. For those who havent seen the movie for it here it is

  171. BK Brother

    I know that alot of people want the ps3 but it is ridiculously expensive. I mean, come on! There isnt too much of a difference between xbox and xbox 360. the wii is completely different from anything weve ever seen before. I understand that many hardcore gamers will get a ps3 and a 360 just for the games, but i also know that alot of them will probably get a wii as well. The wii will sell the best because it will be peoples secondary system. Nintendo may never be the top console company ever again, mostly because of people overplaying the quality of the ps3 and the 360, but the wii may be the best chance they ever will have of controlling the market again. Is the ps2 really that much better than the gamecube and xbox? no. but people say it is and buy it rather than expanding their playing experiences.

  172. wii is going to kick ass. COME ON ENGLAND…..even thow were going to loose to germany(i worked it out by rank)

  173. I thought nintendo™ was planning to release the Wii™ Worldwide. I have heard it might be September/October.

  174. I thought nintendo™ was planning to release the Wii™ Worldwide at once… I have heard it might be September/October

  175. Maybe a stupid question but does PS3 or the WII have slots for memory cards from previous systems?

  176. Personally, I’ll probably buy a Wii rather than the other systems. Not to seem a little close-minded, but US$600 is far too much for a console (I’m Australian, so that’d be close to a grand for us to buy), and I’m not really a big fan of the Xbox (although the rest of my family loves Halo, so we’ll probably wind up with one anyway :P).

    But anyway, to the point of my comment – possible release date for Australia. Toys ‘R Us Australia is currently making a special deal – put a deposit of $50 on a Nintendo Wii and get a launch game for free – listing the anticipated release date as November 2006. lso gives a similar date obtained from an Australian retailer (source:

    Perhaps a worldwide release (or something close to it) isn’t totally out of the question just yet?

  177. ZeldaFreak

    Personaly i beliieve the Wii will have the best games so im going to get one. Im a huge fan of Zelda games and Metroid. PS3 and Wii will be like PSP and DS The PSP has better graphics but DS has better games.

  178. okay, this is a Wii discussion, and I understand that. but this whole total of about THREE open-minded people is rather rediculous. Yes, the Wii is a revolutionary system. yeah, that new controller is WICKED cool. As a Sony loyalist (not fanboy, there IS a difference), I will say I plan to purchase a Wii, simply because I’ve seen some trailers for some pretty cool looking games, and I love that they will have games all the way back to when I first started playing games habitually, in the NES days (though an Atari library would be cool, just not feasible lol). Now to address all the people claiming the PS3 will suck and Microsoft and Nintendo will own Sony any day of the week…You only say that because you can’t afford $600 for the most graphically advanced system to date. I’ve never liked Xbox, but I won’t say it sucks, because it does have a decent library. Trust me, I’m not a graphic whore, I STILL play my original Final Fantasy on NES. The Playstation console series has just been a better developed system in my opinion. And as for the 360, as said earlier, it was just a graphic update, not much more. The PS3 will be a great system (I also intend to get one of these) with a hold on MANY great game series such as Final Fantasy and the Gran Turismo series. Not to mention the amazing graphic capability seen on nothing short of basically a $3000 Alienware Gaming Computer. Does anyone else find it strange that the Xbox is made by the leading computer manufacturer, and yet the Playstation 2, and now PS3, are more similar to a computer than an Xbox could ever be made? with screens and keyboards and mouses and hard drives and God knows what other peripherals are out there? Yes, I am slightly biasing this in favor of the PS3, but only because that has been knocked far more than any other system I’ve read so far on here. It’s not a horrible system just because it’s gonna cost $600. Believe me, it will be worth $600. Back to the Wii. It’s Wi-Fi capable. Cool. link up a DS and have fun. PS3 is Wi-Fi too, I’ll link up my PSP and have some fun too. In short, the 360 is all in all a decent system, just I think they COULD have done much more than the updates they did. Not much different than the first Xbox. PS3 compared to PS2, sure, same controller, but it’ll be familiar and not a pain to remember where all the buttons are. Blue Ray…THAT is the future. FULLY backwards compatible, motion sensitive controller. sure, not as uniquely done as the Wii, but still. FAR better graphics than it’s predecessor. And the Wii. TREMENDOUS game library going all the way back to NES, AWESOME revolutionary controller, that Wii24Connect thing, and pretty good graphics. Nothing near the calibur of the big systems, but who can complain when MOST of the games I’d play anyways are NES through Gamecube? And all that for less than half of the PS3’s $600. I WILL own one. A little food for thought. Don’t knock systems that you couldn’t POSSIBLY have played yet. They all have their strongsuits and their shortcomings. All will be great systems, but I stick with my disliking of the Xbox consoles. Most of their good games are also on PC anyways. Which, I apparently have lol.

  179. When i look at wii, the ps3, and xbox360, i see 3 totally different systems. I think 360 is a total wash. Its just a graphical update. in my experience, younger gamers are looking for a different style of play, not graphics. The ps3 does draw attention. Their motion sensing device is gay. The only thing it will be good for is to tell the system when you throw the controller when someone kills you. The graphics are nice, i love em. But that $600 price is killer. Its either the ps3 and a wii and NOT getting a car, or getting a wii and a car. That ps3 is way overpriced. Who are they trying to sell to? obviously not the average american family. Now for the wii. The graphics are better, but not ps3 quality. Who cares. if the games suck then what are graphics. You wont be looking at the graphics if you arent playing the game. Those controllers are freakin sweet. See im a hardcore gamer. My family all hate videogames. They make fun of me for it. i dont care. With the wii, i think i can get them to play with me. Then i can video tape them playing tennis and post it on the internet to get revenge :p. Ok. Nes games. You can play them. SNES games, you can play them. N64 games. You can play them. GC games. You can play them. How the hell can you get bored with a system that has all this. I dont think you can. The only thing that is keeping me with my ps2 is kingdom hearts 2. Man i cant wait for november. WHY COULDNT THEY RELEASE NOW??!?!?!?!?! This is summer. we are all home. november will come, people will buy it, and we will all fail school. not good. Damn you nintendo. Lol i still love you.

  180. Guys, you can make 50-100 dollars a month just for filling out surveys, usually around a dollar each but they add up. The surveys are easy and only take a couple minutes. each month they send you your money by through pay-pal or check. Google “Cashcrate scam?? if you don’t believe me. By referring other people you get sign up, and make some easy dollars, right now!

  181. Insaine gamer

    i say bring it on metroid prime 3 im ready to own that game cuz i owned to first 2 on game cube beat the games on both normal and hard both under 5 hrs

  182. that last guy is an idiot

    Diplomatic immunity is a form of legal immunity and a policy held between governments, which ensures that diplomats are given safe passage and are considered not susceptible to lawsuit or prosecution under the host country’s laws.
    I’m guessing you aren’t going to understand this, but it basically means that you have to be a government official to get diplomatic immunity. Don’t get me wrong I think that guy is a whining English baby, but if your going to burn someone you have to know what your talking about. Oh, and England isn’t going to win. It’ll be Brazil and Italy in the final game, and Brazil will win 3-1.

  183. Tell ya somthin that 1st person who is goin to get the WII is goin to be me and I don’t care how much it is goin to be because my parents are getting it for me !!!!! what a rhyme no one can beat that hey anyway England is goin to win the world cup again this year so there USA STANDS FOR USELESS SCUM AMERICANS HAHAHA

  184. Reasonable Debater

    You can’t compare the Wii to the other 2 consoles really. 360 and PS3 are going for who has the better specifications and who has more trademark games, etc…but all the new games coming out are either fps or rpg basically. ALL fps games are the same basically, when it comes to RPG though PS3 probably wins hands down with the Final Fantasy Series. The Wii uses the same method you could say of repeating games, but it appeals to me mostly because its not just another boring way to play games – they intend to freshen up the peripheral use for games. The other controllers are dull in comparison, although many would go for it cause its what they are used to on previous consoles (especially in the PS3’s case). The Wii isn’t going to be fantastically ground breaking like the other consoles, but it is much more likely to give out a more fun-filled experience. Anyway, i’ve always wanted to play old school 16-bit games again and the N64 lineup :D

    I’ve played the consoles released in the recent console wars since PSX and there really wasnt a better console in any of the ‘wars’, so to judge a console before it is released is stupid really. Just depends on what you go for.

    P.s: People talking about good games are right, Xbox 360 is weak because of the lack of high quality, refreshing games. It’s had 6 months and should of had more by now, the launch games were uninspiring to play…I’ll stop changing subject :P

  185. Half a Brain

    nick, if your gonna buy one, buy one for the games, both systems are gonna be powerfull, both will have great graphics and “revolutionary” ideas behind them. I read an article today about the ps3 being able to support windows and apple OS systems, and will come with either a linux or unix based OS installed (don’t remember which one for sure). But anyways, go for the games, i personally don’t care for any of nintendo’s game all that much. They are all the same as the original ones in my opinion. Granted, the ps3 is gonna be alot more expensive, but I believe it will also be much more versitile. Anyways find the system that fits your gaming style. (I love rpg’s and FPS’s and thats why I am going for the ps3) And only reason the Wii is “so much better” here on this board is because of all the fan boys and being a discussion about the WII…

  186. gamefreak

    the wii comes out 4 days after my birthday so im willing to wait but man its gonna be awesome!!!!!I just hope ppl wont go crazy just like when the nintendo ds came u couldnt get one anywhere

  187. WII is gonna be amazing. I think the release dates fine cus the longer they have to work on it, the better it will be. ps3 is gonna lose. only spoiled children who beg their parents to get up at 4:00 AM to wate in line for 6 hours and then throw away $600 on a system that the kids gonna hate in 2 weeks.

  188. Reece (the master)

    WARNING:I WOULD LIKE TO NOTE THAT I HAVE NOT PURCHASED THE REVELUTION WHICH IS NOW CALLED WII BECAUSE IT IS NOT OUT YET BUT I WOULD LIKE TO TELL YOU WHAT IT DOES AND WHAT FUNCTIONS IT HAS…the wii has motion sensetive controles enebling you to swing the remote like controler in the air, like you are playing badminton and hit the ball. WI-FI: you can connect your Nintendo DS up with it using wi-fi (no wires = plain fun) also enebling you to brouse the internet on your DS or the wii using Nintendo’s wii24service all in all the wii is a must have stocking filler,fun for all age’s and at less than £130 you can’t go wrong.You can even play your gamecube games, on the Wii & don’t remember that Nintendo is going to bring out some of it’s old classics including(Zelda,Pokemon,Animal crossing,Super mario games)Also including it’s newest range Wii sport.

  189. Reece (the master)

    I can’t wait i live in England and hope it will come out arount near the same as the US date….
    Because it BETTER…

  190. I cant wait for the new Mario and Zelda games to come out. There gonna kick ass!!! The release date KINDA sucks. I admit, with christmas it will probaly sell better but i want it NOW. Oh well, Novembers fone though. BUT NO LATER!!!

  191. Never have had a PS2 and dont plan on ever getting one. And 600 dollars for the PS3, I got a x-box 360 for $400 and Microsoft and Nintendo can woop Sonys ass anyday.

  192. Half a Brain

    …no offense to everyone who is saying that Wii will be better than anything else on the market, but thats not exactly true. Nintendo has not had a top spot in the console wars since the super nintendo. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of all the systems, and yes, I am sure in Japan it will be extremly close between the wii and the ps3…everyone knows 360 is a loss over there…i mean come on…psp is worth more than a 360 O.o. But my guess is that here in the states Wii will not be the top console simply because it is gonna be so incredibly different. But hey what do I know…I haven’t touched a nintendo since the 64…..(personal prefernce of game choice)…but anyways not looking to nock the Wii, buying one for my bro for his b-day.

  193. please please please tell me any new updates for the nintendo wii. the only thing ha looks good for the wii is ssb brawl and zelda. i’m willing to buy it for super smash brothers but i want to own more games than just 1 or 2 games. And apparently theres a different controller for the wii. it look like a mixe between classic nintendo and gamecube. if you google super smash brothers brawl it’ll show it

  194. For those of you who say that Wii will be in last place you are dead wrong. This year’s e3 showed that 41 percent of the audience was paying attention to Nintendo. The other companies didn’t even come close. As for the ps3, I would rather get a Wii. It looks like it was rushed, but does look like it has a pretty good line up. ( waaaaaay too expensive for me)

  195. It will be released worldwide on the same date, so the UK will get it at the same date as the US.

  196. I cant wait for Wii to be released especially when it has games like zelda, super smash bros, red stell, metroid, mario galaxy and super monkey ball. It is f#@:)?g awesom. But i live in the uk, soes anyone know when it releases here. plz tell me?………..

  197. the wii will be the #1 system followed by xbox 360 and the ps3 will be bringing up the rear, and did anybody notice sony rushed to put a motion sensor in their controller which is ancient technolgy compared to the wii motion sensor…..seems like they are scared of what the wii can do

  198. man Wii in november is gunna be niice but hteb after that i gotaa save 4 the ps3 since the anncoment of them making final fantasy over again

  199. anonumous gamer

    how can it come out november when gamestop is selling some of it’s games october 2nd

  200. Rupert Gomez

    WOW! this wii is awsome i have always been a nintendo fan and this wii is absolutely phoneminal it is a revoulution to video games everywhere! i dont see why anybody wouldnt want one, once again it is the cheapest game console it will be 250.00 not egzactly cheap but the cheapest oh and lets not forget the heart of nnintendo games the game that will actually force people to camp out of the stores Super Smash Bros.Brawl

    Edit Comment

  201. Rupert Gomez

    WOW! this wii is awsome i have always beena nintendo fan and this wii is absolutely phoneminal it is a revoulution to video games everywhere! i dont see why anybody wouldnt want one, once again it is the cheapest game console it will be 250.00 not egzactly cheap but the cheapest oh and lets not forget the heart of nnintendo games the game that will actually force people to camp out of the stores Super Smash Bros.Brawl

  202. tjharwin

    Nice man, 6th November is looking good. I’m in the UK and hoping for a Worldwide launch :D which looks likely. If not it shouldnt mean a 2007 release date for Europe…like Theban said. You dumbass!!!!

  203. sinceNESone

    Nov6? sure.. They can release it whenever they want my $200. This gamer wants it the first day it comes out. Never owned a ps2, not paying $599 for a ps3, especially since it won’t support SmashBros. =D

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