Mobilepipeline has a hands on preview of the now delayed (expect it in Q4 of this year) Nokia 770 Tablet Device as they were able to spend an hour with it at a trade show.

Although it appears as though it won’t exceed any similar and current market devices in computing power, it does operate on a Linux platform and may attract the technology trail blazers (otherwise known as early adaptors). The reviewer did note that the Nokia 770 was slow to operate and startup, but according to Nokia reps those problems would be fixed by release. The 770, made by Nokia, a CELL phone manufacture, is not offering a cell phone option on the device – huh? The device connects to the Internet via WiFi, lacks a keyboard, but can be hooked up to a Bluetooth phone to get online if no WiFi is available.

The device measures 5.5? by 3.1? by .75? (about the size of an oversized index card) and weighs 7.4oz. It comes with 64MB of DDR RAM and 128MB of internal memory. Software included on the Nokia 770 is an RSS reader, a movie player, a music decoder, image viewer and an app to stream radio from the web – plus a few others. Its screen displays at 65k colors and 800×480 pixels.

In my opinion the device is probably best suited as a home device that doubles as not only a tablet machine, but as a remote for your home entertainment system (only if there were such an option). At a price tag hovering around $300-400 it may not be a bad toy for the ‘playboy’ in us all.

For more info please visit Nokia.

Christen Costa

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