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Every Parent Needs this USB Home Lie Detector Machine That Works with Any Computer and Three Fingers

Fibbing about the truth, which is perhaps the nicest way of saying “lying”, has never come easy to me.  But perhaps that’s because I haven’t had enough practice.  And whatever practice I have had, has been unsuccessful.  So how do I fix that?  With one of these: The Home Lie Detector Test.

Yes, you read that right.  This is an at home lie detector.  And while it doesn’t look nearly as official as the real lie detectors used by law firms and police, it doesn’t require a 4-year degree to operate it.

Setup from the looks, and sounds of it, is very simple. Just install the software on your computer (yes, it’s Apple compatible), plug it in, hook up your crook’s (or kid’s) fingers, and begin asking questions.  For those that aren’t familiar with lie detectors, you need to ask some baseline questions, such as what color is the sky, and then from there, provided you’ve amassed enough data about their behavior, you should be able to determine if they’re lying.

So how does it work? Simple.  It measures their skin (sweat and temperature) and pulse changes.  If the data collected is contrary to that of the baseline questions, as in their pulse races and their fingers begin to sweat, there is a good chance they’re lying.  That all said, all the collected data is graphed and stored in real time, so if needed you can go back in time and review your subjects results.

At $400, or $399.95, it’s a steep price to pay for something that won’t often get used by the average person.  But then again, if you’ve got a few kids with a penchant for tom foolery and mischievousness, this little machine may pay dividends.

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