Cook Anything Under The Sun With The SolSource Grill


One Earth Designs wants to change the way you cook with their Kickstarter campaign for their SolSource sun-powered grill. By harnessing the power of the sun, the revolutionary sun-powred grill eliminates the need for fuel and doesn’t emit any emissions, while allowing for a fast cleanup and a quick heat up. The grill allows you to cook anything, grilling, steaming, baking, boiling or frying your favorite foods. That will save some wear on your best stainless steel cookware.

Long gone are the need for coals or the worry that your gas tank is empty or will  run out since the SolSource only uses the sun’s heat. Just point it towards the sun and start cooking! The grill was tested out with nomads on the Himalayan Plateau, and it can withstand and storms, wind, snow, and -40 degree temperatures. The grill is durable with its base holding up to 40 lbs and features a patented user interface provides safety, comfort, and ease of control. Another benefit is that it’s completely green and sustainably manufactured and 100% recyclable. Start grilling with the sun’s power by pledging $249 or more!

SolSource Gril

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  1. Kristie, thank you for the great article! If anyone has questions please let me know by contacting me on the One Earth Designs website. Look forward to spreading more sun!

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