Daily Archives: March 24, 2010

T9 Trace

T9 Trace Software Lets You Swipe Instead Of Peck


Ever since the launch of the iPhone, virtual keyboards have become more and more popular, but there are still some inherent kinks that can make using them a frustrating experience. The T9 Trace software is setting out to solve that problem. It’s from the same people who brought you the...

T-Mobile HD2

T-Mobile’s HTC HD2 Now Available


And there it is, the HTC HD2 from T-Mobile.  You can have one comfortably resting in your pocket if you’re willing to sign a 2-year contract and throw down $200.  You’re gonna have to buy into T-Mobile’s 3G data service to get the discount, otherwise you’ll be dropping $450.  So...

Rē NewKinetix IR Dongle

NewKinetix Rē: Yet Another iPhone Infrared Dongle


Here we go: yet another IR dongle for the iPhone.  It comes from a company called NewKinetix and the dongle is called Rē.  Plug it into your iPhone (or iPod Touch) download their accompanying app and yes, you can control your infrared gear with your iPhone.  Can you hear the...