Gadget Review: Addonics NAS Adapter

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4 Comments to Gadget Review: Addonics NAS Adapter

  1. Hi albert,

    I read your review – bought the NAS from addonics. I am now trying to set it up with one major limitation. I donot want to format my entire HDD into FAT32. I manually formatted a partition into FAT32 stuck in a PUBLIC directoy and the system status – recognized my HDD partition. However, the samba server is not setup and I am unable to use the file server! can you kindly advice.


  2. One tweak I’d like to see to this product, as a next-gen, would be to have a second ethernet port, allowing the device to act as both a hub (for a pass-through device) and as an endpoint (for the USB-connected storage). This would allow me to quickly attach the storage device in-line, near my media client, without the need for an additional hub. (This would be especially useful if wanting to take my storage unit to a friend’s.)

  3. I had problems with the first unit I ordered from Addonics, as have others (look on the Internet for other reviews). I had to get another one sent to me. The iTunes support was/is abysmal, and the unit would often hang. I still have it, and am looking to get rid of it. The worst part is dealing with Addonics customer service. _They made me pay for the shipping on an RMA to them for *their* faulty device!_ They may have slick deals, but I’ll *never* deal with them again.

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